Review: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1'

Digital news associate Jackie Fernandez reviews latest film in the franchise.
2:36 | 11/21/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Review: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1'
It is time for insomnia -- that. The latest twilight movie breaking dawn part one don't you think this is in the box office and sucked out almost a 114. Million -- -- -- -- Joining us with her review is our digital news associate Jackie Fernandez -- got to do you. I don't Pittsnogle Sonny I know your -- it is so awful it's a few hours it could've been. It is two -- -- could've been done in thirty minutes I'll tell you are saving your money dollars -- you didn't watch -- I'll save you some money. This is what happens that two people -- -- -- human and Edward the vampire. They get married they haven't demon baby and we get to watch it through all the stages -- -- -- -- not a demon baby actually haven't the books you. And half vampire wolf thank you did you ever and -- It's -- -- their work either twice art and people dragged by Ty Harden so let's take a look into what some of those moviegoers had to say. Waiting a year meaning come out so it's like -- -- inform me. Little. Overly dramatic he. It's actually. Some of the -- that she makes us know. -- -- -- -- -- Ask there was really -- -- candidates are getting pregnant and then. Is still must not. I. An -- She is not the only one OK I thought it should have been better expecting actually the -- was really low for -- am expecting much in this movie I saw the first want. And -- I wish you had seen it because it was so bad I couldn't get in to see if this weekend because I was the -- at an event but I will be seeing -- this beach and a little bit. I'm not the book -- well -- think they. When he turns love story and Craig -- has -- little and a vampire and she wants him to turn her but he's very Victorian and who has been there yeah it's -- weird accent and it's a movie set payment -- -- tween market that they do all these adult issues. Abortion pregnancy abuse during intimate relations very weird Barings outfit for between crap cell because I'm giving it -- we'll start if I could I give it -- Taylor Lautner in the first five minutes it certainly is calling for that one. And besides that it's totally awful lot off all week that you see this -- report that you -- only if you knew that now -- A lot of guys please is that kids so fat and 340 million -- Z yeah. -- in the next.

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{"id":14996845,"title":"Review: 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1'","duration":"2:36","description":"Digital news associate Jackie Fernandez reviews latest film in the franchise.","url":"/WNN/video/twilight-breaking-dawn-part-1-review-14996845","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}