Valentine's Day Means Sweet Treats for Your Sweetie

Watch how the French treat, macarons, are made... right in time for Valentine's Day.
3:00 | 02/13/14

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Transcript for Valentine's Day Means Sweet Treats for Your Sweetie
That can be sweet especially this time a year and -- Valentine's Day just hours away we have a look at one of the day's best traditions course sugary treats and that is why this is -- -- Favorite story of the day I had a chance to learn how make the delicious French confection. -- math score on the okay we're here at -- go around parlor my saying that right -- garage right not to be confused with -- brilliantly turns. -- -- -- And I went yeah here's CNN's -- -- -- I'm very having us this morning OK so tell us. What's next on -- So they are all men wearing sandwich cookies. Outside his main list -- -- making things that has at all sorts of different spelling of place noxious fighter planes and perhaps we have crazy one of the plate peanut butter beans and -- -- Ones will be eighteen. You can imagine words -- get -- Yeah there I love it and you're gonna teach us how to make one endures more popular flavors -- around him. -- that I was getting hit gentle -- Saturday. Get started by turning on the -- yeah this is a little bit of sugar at a little bit of water. And then he had happened in the meantime. They're gonna patent and license here. I'm making and sugar -- An NB pouring into the car headlights late summer. Second minute tape. About half an hour. This is -- flour and confectionery sugar -- day sifted earlier today OK it's nothing happens on here. Clinton had more and life. -- a little bit of thing. Added to the back. And American anti tank. And now we're going to make good feelings so here we have our white chocolate we'll let -- and then -- here. -- -- Talk to be -- go. -- So it's out of the event and have -- feelings -- he didn't. An attack ready to go so -- really don't care emergency heights and -- end here. -- -- Selected McKinney Emerson yes you can -- -- part on what for Valentine's Day at knows how the -- -- and so they have such creative and flavors. My personal -- what do you think fantastic so good right I think this is one of the -- it was flavored ones -- -- like this is. She opened her eyes maybe you don't have a -- -- excesses it's like a red double but we're being. -- I really dead. Prado said the -- has a lot of steps in the process. But even -- and they shed all over the country so they're mixing it up instead of giving a box of chocolates are recommending home -- -- back -- The iMac rooms right when. Apple's largest --

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{"id":22492128,"title":"Valentine's Day Means Sweet Treats for Your Sweetie","duration":"3:00","description":"Watch how the French treat, macarons, are made... right in time for Valentine's Day.","url":"/WNN/video/valentines-day-means-sweet-treats-macarons-22492128","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}