Vote 2012 Politics and Latinos

Media Consultant Bruno del Granado has insight about the Latino community's influence on politics.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Vote 2012 Politics and Latinos
With good reason here polls are showing that Mitt Romney is struggling to get the support of the Latino voters and if he doesn't get it he simply can't win the White House. Here to talk about the importance other Latino vote and who supporting home is went over not over now thank you for joining us to be here. -- why isn't so important for numbers to get. The Latino demographic is at 52 million now or every month 50000 Latino citizens -- eighteen. For the next twenty years that means twelve million Latinos will be able to vote. In the next twenty years so if you get him now you on the future of the Democrats and Republicans are desperate trying to get that Latino vote. Is the fastest growing demographic in the country that has sold him a prime run real estate analysis especially in a tight race. I like this when -- -- are they more prone to vote democratic all the polls suggest that the president has a huge advantage. In this category. The president is right now running about 6364%. Approval rating that Latinos vs Romney was about 20%. You can't win this election without having a 40% Latino. Approval rating and vote that's when bush got in 2004 he was reelected. So the president has done some majors taken some major steps in the last couple months with the immigration act DREAM Act to really. Galvanized -- to vote for him and get behind him. The Democrats seem to -- same language politically as as latins and and and and it's all but the economy and -- -- by immigration of course for. All of us it's very very important that could play -- role -- swing states like Florida and Nevada and Arizona and and certainly Colorado. -- where the Latino vote is about 15% right -- so. When -- talking about Latinos Hispanics are talking about them up all over the place now immunity permeated it. Everything in every aspect of the American -- just how much happy permeated the main -- America. -- when you look at Jennifer Lopez who is the most powerful celebrity as as. What Ford said a couple months ago or -- they've got out who is the highest earning television actor actress in the US. That's huge now. It's massive it is also has to do with the purchasing power Latinos have right now it's at one trillion dollars by 2015 it's expected to be one point five trillion dollars. Latino median age is 27 you know every advertising goes after that 1834 demographic Latinos are right in the middle. They're young young demographic and everybody -- with big numbers -- the economic power being political power which he knows or -- should be enjoying I assume that spotlight because politicians are better. Tailor their message well million Latinos voted last time they're expecting at least twelve million -- this time. And really the most high profile until I've seen other so far is Eva Longoria you don't gore is a huge supporter of the president Ricky Martin's -- the president -- -- ways Cuban Americans also supporter of the president and. To -- the Republicans had any so that was another question. That's the 64000 dollar price -- and I -- apart from -- Ted Nugent and maybe -- Iraq. It's hard to -- -- big Cuban Americans tend to vote -- Republican. Historically have. Where is the rest militant agreements Mexican Puerto Rican Dominican -- -- going to devote more democratic. And go more for the Democratic Party and and and philosophies. It's very hard that -- -- -- a little bit because they had I think of the governor of New Mexico and speak last night Latino woman the first I think. -- governor yes in the US also -- was rumored to -- -- -- potential criminal happened but he still -- -- still rocks -- next week Leon costs or lose in the essentially does -- keynote speech to the DNC that's first time ever -- -- live in the keynote. This is big enough to graduate changing face of the country about politics fix up -- -- remain -- as always --

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{"id":17113237,"title":"Vote 2012 Politics and Latinos","duration":"3:00","description":"Media Consultant Bruno del Granado has insight about the Latino community's influence on politics.","url":"/WNN/video/vote-2012-politics-latinos-17113237","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}