Washington, DC Synagogue Helps Furloughed Workers

Sixth & I provides free food and activities to government workers affected by the shutdown.
2:36 | 10/03/13

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Transcript for Washington, DC Synagogue Helps Furloughed Workers
Hundreds of thousands of federal workers without job this week and without a paycheck. But there's one organization in the DC area that's providing a place to go when something today when they're charging absolutely nothing here's ABC's -- channel -- -- -- a synagogue in -- Chinatown neighborhood of Washington DC is opening their doors to all furloughed workers. Calling themselves shut down central where -- hit them with space sort of hanging out and get away from the frustration of not being able to work free food free yoga classes free Wi-Fi episodes of the west wing streaming and even political -- on the yes -- pieces of deadlock lawmakers on the -- occurred federalism. Adult day care. He quit Catherine and in -- I'm in -- -- truly great great. -- -- is an attorney with -- social security administration and he called the federal government shut down absurd. And not getting -- will sting it's a virtue imposed. -- for one country source who's not from any sense but from. Cure. Legislative -- in this case it's not it's. It's appealing federal workers there about 800000 all of the country are sharing including Mercury and -- who works for the District of Columbia water and sewer authority. The I think it's -- Really I think this whole analyst Mary -- they should definitely. Elected officials to give them. Nance came to 69 to meet others -- her situation she wants to spend her time exploring DC. -- it figured. There's hundreds of thousands of people in this thing so naturally. We're all -- Economy looking for something to do Maggie Keller in -- Anderson work for the Department of Defense they both -- -- -- -- echoed the feelings of so many others asking. Why isn't congress doing their job. Congress can yeah. -- honeymoon situation. I didn't have done this today they're down then yeah. Six -- we'll stay open for the remainder of the shutdown and the Republicans in congress and the president still deadlocked. It looks like these workers to be playing political -- -- for quite -- -- -- cup. She shot -- almost ABC news. Like those brackets I do to do whatever it takes to keep you busy but if I get -- -- and go to the beach. Might as well right on vacation and I got somewhere to -- You. -- -- to go ahead.

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{"id":20454506,"title":"Washington, DC Synagogue Helps Furloughed Workers","duration":"2:36","description":"Sixth & I provides free food and activities to government workers affected by the shutdown.","url":"/WNN/video/washington-dc-synagogue-helps-furloughed-workers-20454506","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}