Whitney Houston's Will Revealed

What are some of the secrets from the late diva's will?
2:57 | 03/08/12

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Transcript for Whitney Houston's Will Revealed
Welcome back everybody Whitney Houston back in the news this morning because now we know what is inside her whale nothing complicated here all she left everything. Two -- eighteen year old daughter Bobbi Christina 100% -- overwhelm all her -- furnishings and clothing personal effects jewelry cars. All of it goes to Bobbie she's gonna -- going to be -- -- -- here so Bobbie Christie is gonna get part of this when he turns 21 another shot at 25. And then the rest when she turns thirty apparently when he signed this will back in 1993 -- -- married to Bobbi Brown at the time there was a month before she gave birth. To Bobbi Christina that people familiar with the case -- -- very straightforward the daughter gets at all. Which is not surprising also. Two in an important -- -- over to interview Bobbi Kristina in some other family members on her network. This Sunday and then -- GMA this morning Gilmore is speaking -- for the first time it's another ABC news exclusive. -- should be talking with Robin Wright should tune in for that and his hope that mommy makes the most of that money which is about twenty million dollars or send them. -- Hulk Hogan it. Is upset about a sex tape that -- be -- to some porn studios he says he didn't give consent. It's with a mystery -- doesn't know when it was shot but he said -- had to have been shot sometime between when he and his ex wife for divorce in his current wife he said during that time there was like a four meant -- a four -- -- where he went on a drinking binge and just had a whole lot of women and he's like act it. He was callous he says I don't even know who I was pleased with at the time so he says that's when it probably happened OK but in the clip -- -- assured often brags to his companion quote I started to work out again that he runs his hands through his. Blond hair. Com and there's also a -- shaped him -- But they're fighting that they're right because of of course this was not -- didn't give his consent and his bishop the they're gonna -- much -- -- may have run -- all right -- that our assessment fascinating tape also Rihanna Chris Brown back in the news you know apparently. This video Chris has this new girlfriend. And but it -- the book and over the Rihanna from the last couple of months -- kind of back together in a weird kind of way apparently -- new girlfriend -- -- -- on the left. They have an open relationship and she's well aware that he just spent some time -- -- -- and now things are getting nasty. Because -- -- apparently tweeted this picture. I'm out here I would with a bag of rice is an ear rings and sunglasses on while others perceive as a racial -- or ethnic -- because Chris is new girlfriend is happy to be Vietnamese and -- the girl fires back the girlfriend wrote. -- -- you're -- come on you see regret is that as you and the new growth and rebel FaceBook to ready to work Rihanna to be getting nesting in -- -- Chris is having at all. Of course he's lucky enough -- it over because that's the guys who. -- girls do they played my -- about -- take a look at this Jessica Simpson posing naked and pregnant. But still looking good she's with child -- -- the cover of Elle Magazine.

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{"id":15874717,"title":"Whitney Houston's Will Revealed","duration":"2:57","description":"What are some of the secrets from the late diva's will?","url":"/WNN/video/whitney-houstons-revealed-15874717","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}