Beware Animals

An Ohio town is overrun with escaped wild animals.
2:23 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Beware Animals
Breaking news out of Ohio dozens of wild animals on the loose and being described as very big and very aggressive. Authorities not taking any chances with this everyone has been ordered to stay indoors very stressful situation police are conducting searches not foot but from the safety of patrol cars. ABC's John -- -- is live with the latest. It's a scene out of the far fetched horror film. 48 exotic animals many of the main -- or roaming the countryside of rural Ohio there were grizzly bears and black bears there. There were -- is. There were lions and there were tigers animal farm owner Terry Thompson was found dead. It's fences open the -- of curiosity in the community He had just been released on federal weapons charges we -- weird noises every Wallace who. And we reduced try to figure out -- causes. Domestic and -- or anything like that the -- from the nearby Columbus zoo were on the scene hoping to tranquilize the animal. The sheriff's deputies have launched the kind of hunt normally not seen outside of Africa and they're not aiming to -- Well right now we're shooting to kill two dozen animals have been gunned down two dozen more remain on the loose scary. -- -- -- -- -- The cops can't catch him that won't be run wild crazy. Now wondering this land of sheep horses and cattle larger ramps and camels -- -- attention chimps remain in their cages. We recommend staying indoors right now. And we're going to recommend to a couple of local school districts to probably close just for safety reasons of kid standing at the bus stops. The farm's -- was no stranger to the law He had been cited in the past for animal abuse and neglect. This -- -- managed to shut down much of muskingum county for the first time -- -- owning exotic animal invasion. -- -- -- a little bit more about this owner and his farm -- mean did -- simply allow this man to keep dangerous exotic animals on this property. William G apparently Ohio has some of the -- laws on exotic pets in the country and one of the highest numbers of injuries and deaths as a result but in this case. The -- -- been ordered to remove those animals within twenty days -- the judge who sentenced him on weapons charges even allowed him to avoid jail time in order to take care of those animals that a hundred of them in all. And now they're being tracked down by a swat team -- night vision goggles. Unbelievable story ABC's John -- thanks so much.

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{"id":14767268,"title":"Beware Animals","duration":"2:23","description":"An Ohio town is overrun with escaped wild animals.","url":"/WNN/video/wild-animals-loose-in-ohio-14767268","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}