The Best Pumpkin Pie

Rob and Sunny sample and pick their favorite pumpkin pie.
4:27 | 12/22/11

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Transcript for The Best Pumpkin Pie
Well one of our ultimate favorite person working overnight NN newsroom at -- -- yeah. -- and -- if there's even more food lying around at the holidays especially the -- -- this morning we are trying out some pumpkin -- we found three bakeries that claim to make the best pumpkin hike ever. So we'll have our own taste tests to see how they stack up against each other but. First a little -- and smack. We make the best drunken cousin. -- -- -- -- Nevertheless the things like long. Trying to get. -- and. It's it's different than. Removed from -- The thing that's. He tells. Yes it's much. News releases and there's nothing amazing but don't know what -- this is the spice that he. And it's one of the best -- right. -- What you wanna bet that your dad -- -- -- Yeah how. A lot of trash talking haven't hesitated to get under Islamic we're he was going on -- -- we don't know the -- numbers don't eat -- -- -- is important by the way rafts and on -- street. It's nice -- -- sentiment is disgusting. Some kinds of -- flavor that's not bad not bad time no matter who can't. We can't assume this isn't -- and first ladies first you have to cleanest -- does not -- you know you so severe they do. -- -- -- -- -- That's been in combat. Missile Latin agency expressed in me exchange strategist the president trying to do the crowd and then -- -- -- go billion yen after. -- -- I love his move prompted me -- And is pretty good about the -- not entail. He doesn't surprise that this new hidden numbers you have what the president going this is and hitting buildings -- more like. Pumpkin -- cupcakes and -- interesting thing there all right. -- A fan I have my -- I'm pretty good nations that all right. What right -- you go first animal torn. Really -- -- -- with -- -- -- there's the little pie company what do you say the best -- that was really good. I kind of like the first in the first half -- was the best. And who is that. You know rob your taste bud -- -- Yeah. I -- a high level if I -- and didn't make its products. -- the southern. I'm proud of -- -- -- whose married Blake dean. The fact that there was also -- -- Missed the accompanying him -- I don't know. Partners don't think the real on the holidays but all that money and keep -- real this -- -- I might actually I don't ever again this delicious.

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{"id":15217161,"title":"The Best Pumpkin Pie","duration":"4:27","description":"Rob and Sunny sample and pick their favorite pumpkin pie.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-best-pumpkin-pie-15217161","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}