WNN Dr. Dre Beats

Are these popular headphones worth the money?
2:38 | 12/21/11

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Transcript for WNN Dr. Dre Beats
I think if you ourselves that it. It's super premium set of headphones because really who want the little ear -- when you can have so much more. But another question is -- those that -- really worth the hefty price said actually got the hottest woman on the market grow up. Rap artist and producer Dr. Dre is not one to mince words so when asked about the headphones that he used before creating his own. He got straight to the point -- -- before. -- -- -- This popular beats by Dre headphones have gained a cult following and are as much a fashion statement -- they are -- music accessory at a recent store event in New York they were flying off the shelves. No small feat considering that each -- retails for around 350 bucks. For Dr. Dre it's all about delivering the same level cell quality that -- used to -- studio we spend years and years trying to develop sound and then all of a sudden -- not hurt the way it's meant to earth with beats by -- he's hoping to show. Exactly would good headphones can do for music -- -- get a -- to feel exactly the ways -- through. The way we here in the studio of course it doesn't hurt that the trendy headsets also have plenty of star -- We decided -- -- some other audio files DJ is in fact for their opinion many agree that beats by -- top notch which is exactly why they don't use. -- actually break that apparently -- headphones are too nice to withstand the rigors of. -- You're -- at a gig at 4 o'clock in the morning. It is trying to get out I would feel really bad about -- 300 dollar pair of headphones if that -- back. Ellison Robinson loves his beats by -- but shows -- crack started to appear in the headband over time. Gays are really be into -- mixing and then when B word about how to handle them they had phone. He recommends a headphones for casual listening only luckily all DJ -- -- agreed on the way they sound as far as audio quality and crystal clear. Based on another sound. Consumers seem to injury. I think there they're really stylish -- the new rate that would -- them. It's not that he was. Even pretending he's an -- things -- oddly enough about everything. That I mean are these are blocking out everything that -- let me ask the blood I didn't even. Plus I'm not -- it was a good thing about -- -- can't hear. On this Obama chooses the baby back to show my video and Christmas list but I have -- on -- -- game.

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{"id":15203686,"title":"WNN Dr. Dre Beats","duration":"2:38","description":"Are these popular headphones worth the money?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-dr-dre-beats-15203686","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}