WNN Papers: America's Heroes

A special concert and tribute to injured soldiers.
3:02 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: America's Heroes
-- world news now delivers your morning yeah. Welcome back everybody time for your morning papers here of course the big New York City comedy festival has kicked off here in the Big Apple but the first night of the of the -- really something -- Little more special little more serious because it is stand up for heroes which is a benefit. That raises money for wounded soldiers coming back home after serving overseas and -- part of department. Partly the brainchild of Bob Woodruff from here at ABC. Great reporter who options badly injured when during his coverage. Of the war and they started here last night as a big -- -- part which is really really cool. They had Ricky Gervais out there they had Jon Stewart that Bruce Springsteen so. However we wish -- lot of luck so far the years they've been doing -- they've raised ten million dollars such an important facilities wounded soldiers that's so it's fantastic and wonderful keep that group in mind as you get. -- high near the holiday season and the source come around -- a very different life than the next -- they left so. Just a shot out the bombings everywhere dropped out last night here wonderful that. Well I get something out of the Toronto star -- let's -- room apparently a new study reveals that you can actually catch other people stressed uniting your around those coworkers like -- -- -- I'm going to you know he's. Like to -- a lot -- apparently it's -- contagious as the cold you start taking listening to people taking on their stress and you catch it really is yet stress is vegetable yes something to think about before you know start. Mr. rating because that we edited a -- and you won't believe had they -- -- because I'm I'm predicting a -- sorry. And then just that they did is get out there the suggestion -- colds flu and stress want food they'll stress the -- -- My phone call on how sick tomorrow all right couldn't this isn't this interesting kids -- I do that can't assist the latest in a new study. -- young college students opted observed graduating school and that's a very tough economy high unemployment the whole deal. What does this survey they did finds that more of those kids. Care about access to social networking sites than they do about salary when considering a job off about 56% -- about 1800 kids a young professionals. Pulled across the world are so turned off by the idea of logging -- -- FaceBook they would most likely turned down or ignored job offer from a company that band. Their use of social social networking site while on the clock. I did it take the job that that's an aggregate paid -- of these that is later. Well the last one is from the Daily Mail we know about seasonal affective disorder right you don't get enough light serotonin is it released. And you can get very depressed -- apparently. If you shine a light in your here. You think you can. Some props and my feeling I'm not feel better until about eight platinum ring from some of the mine and I'm -- -- -- cannon. -- --

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{"id":14921747,"title":"WNN Papers: America's Heroes","duration":"3:02","description":"A special concert and tribute to injured soldiers.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-americas-heroes-14921747","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}