WNN Papers: Fitness

What lengths will a fitness instructor go to?
2:57 | 10/20/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Fitness
-- And world news now delivers your morning and. Got some -- regular morning papers that's right now any -- -- fitness fans up there this one will get to talking take a look at this. There's a personal trainer who decided to see what it was like to be fat so six months ago He started to stop exercising and start eating wait too much. His name is drew Manning he's got a web -- fit to fat to fit so his basic premise of this whole experiment is to go from very lean in and look at that body before. -- -- a master. Now he's on November fed he's gonna turn a cycle around and he's gonna try to lose all that weight and get back to his original shape the whole premise of this is to see what his clients are going through which you know -- suffering through all this really is his wife she says. She's had is that he's gone through emotional and physical changes defendants who wrecked his self confidence they have all kinds of problems in their match -- because of this. And so she's really ready for him just how can -- how other. Somebody get better written that for that first picture He had the discipline to get back to what He -- was so is there. For now I guess but some thirty years also obviously he's got that you thought his -- to -- that happened but that can't help but I respect them. You -- yes it was climbed to -- go walking their shoes but that that's kind of dressed in October on his body left. What do you think the most annoying it. Tech word is according to a new poll tell most -- him. Sex sting apparently is the most annoying tech -- that word out there right now are the ones who made the list. Twitters fear and -- up the war that you just taught me was when can we won't get to get on Twitter and inside the meat they -- tweet up that's okay it. We have -- -- is -- the most annoying were affecting your income was. But. That's -- -- on this is a weird -- -- they're not the smartest of criminals he'd say He was using a crane this comes just out of Chicago. Take a look at this using a crane to then go into car dealerships and whole cars onto that crane. Destroy the car's actually destroying -- doors and windows. So obviously He must be selling his cars for parts -- -- police say they have arrested someone in connection with this case really think. Such a low profile operation. They are not recover the -- Really bad that you root of the Carter probably sell -- for parts that's kind of what you do -- kind of bold letters love though not as smooth criminal. Listen my parents -- -- the day god that we share as we said before New Orleans connection to bring you live is still in live. In Atlanta we have a southern volunteers so -- they don't want -- TV -- liberty ship. She had to store -- -- she sounds all kinds of good stuff and one of the things -- sells. It's a -- bomb that is butter flavor and -- slogan is put a little south on your mouth and she. And flavor of the banana pudding and pumpkin pie -- key lime flavors don't forget Maxim Magazine just voted -- the sexiest TV -- so on San -- itself in your -- also accomplished moment.

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{"id":14776199,"title":"WNN Papers: Fitness","duration":"2:57","description":"What lengths will a fitness instructor go to?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-fitness-14776199","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}