WNN Papers: Good Gossip

When can gossip be good? Really good!
2:57 | 01/19/12

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Good Gossip
Yeah. World news now delivers your morning yeah. Reducing -- and it's. We're back on oh I'll get a -- we are just like nothing. Short gossip girls. Over the -- -- what -- -- -- and okay -- it leave it is a story out of the LA times. This new study says that -- the right kind of gossipy. Might have some positive effects such as lowering stress there you go the right kind of got -- -- -- forever basically not disparaging. Not saying your -- you know that gossiping about what you were doing last weekend. Just -- and about good things right. So father both positive and constructive got outcomes they say passing on the gossip notes it's sort of negative feelings tempers their frustration. Gusting made them feel -- We shouldn't feel guilty for gossiping of the gossip -- -- others from being taken advantage of I'm. Happy to know that we're spending. Our money so -- But -- -- -- the good guys and not like -- whose single with 2000 from the elements that is that -- -- at that time. That's Nolan Nolan and I don't fun is no fun marriage get out -- -- that's a big -- Internet fan and I want England dissemination of information that's what it is -- -- -- dissemination. Of information disseminate away yes figure that -- Isn't it. And then next it's obvious here this cubs in the LA times apparently. It's an important industries shootout and Los Angeles according to the times. The food industry may consider actually leaving Los Angeles because now they passed a law saying that condoms must be used on field issues that require a permit for the film history shooting back and saying well you know what pills and condoms don't -- as long as he wanted to -- and fantasy. And the changes include condoms -- while -- people who -- out -- saves and advocates are like. Yes Smart move this is great law and for the porn industry is not. Happy about it at all they're just bent over backwards. Thanks for all of the bad visuals there. OK so here -- New York it. Lot of people take -- public transportation and they boarded a train and found and and wanted little visitor it was a pox on right -- yeah. Local -- I think it was express how. Who did things the delegates have to go in the Dayton and ironically I don't know how they work this out the possibly ended up paying. Back in a not very nice New York Times -- of that yet they they they actually wound up of -- -- but -- free ride. Wouldn't that embeds like a unit had net loss of these places -- to -- on the afternoon your -- I love it the kids really doesn't know what's the trade -- -- -- and does the future though is that panhandlers people who falsely. -- -- honors and then there's -- we. And then losing to him you know he hadn't you know -- al-Qaeda that -- -- in -- I'm -- -- after. -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15391852,"title":"WNN Papers: Good Gossip","duration":"2:57","description":"When can gossip be good? Really good! ","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-good-gossip-15391852","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}