WNN Papers: High Heels

High heeled shoes ... for men?
3:02 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: High Heels
And world news now delivers your morning yeah. Time now for your morning papers are letting rob kick it off where my -- that's right there was a fascinating little story in the New York Times recently about apparently owner of the seven he's platform shoes were the hot thing. Back in the -- -- fairly high heels for men are kind of like making. Over surgeons years would what is like this become iconic symbol of women and femininity so now. Is now -- way over to my side of the aisle and the men are now where the pumps and we're not talking about just you know what platform -- talking about you all these -- you I think. You are -- -- what is evident that OK I and I where we're at 1010 and a -- depended on the nature. An accident I barely getting these things -- -- I have new respect women Wear anything bothers him why this would become the look. For men like why would you use it we're losing they're uncomfortable they squish your toes -- -- not I don't do that I'll -- that makes it legs except that is that is. That is true to myself you think after this they -- Moving on now we -- -- weird one out of the Arizona Daily Star here an Arizona man is facing assault charges apparently. A woman fell down He came to her age -- skin underneath. And He licked her -- Very bizarre she filed charges -- CNN's I don't know if that's first aid or that was the. It and that was the that was as a random woman that was -- is just ran emotionally and -- -- -- have good samaritan and ended -- -- -- everybody has got just a little. Something they. Who knows this is do -- my period things of the day besides wearing your shoes here. Harry Belafonte now 83 years old legendary activist and singer apparently He was -- -- -- -- those press -- source for his new book that's out his memoir called my song so He was going do interviews with this little TV station there in Bakersfield California. But really wasn't quite up to snuff and kind of there was don't think it was. Care about money during this line of this morning from the New York. Hey good morning Harry. -- wake up. Harry yeah. I got quite yeah that is not a let -- doing -- Literally whatever off Harry was can totally totally is that I just can't relate to how that would be have so it is kind of totally goes -- clearly and we just. Just a route very strange -- Taking a little nap because I was listening to those song of our next story. You gotta hear this don't play this while you're driving. Researchers have now found. Listen to his music it isn't even officially -- most relaxing song in the world it's eight minutes so it'll soon be right explains. -- original is amazing -- of hunts down. Squarely -- nice little -- have a good -- -- -- I'm.

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{"id":14767254,"title":"WNN Papers: High Heels","duration":"3:02","description":"High heeled shoes ... for men?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-high-heels-14767254","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}