WNN Papers: Did McDonald?s McFail?

How well did the Twitter and McDonald's team-up work out?
1:36 | 01/24/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Papers: Did McDonald?s McFail?
World news now customers your morning me. All right everybody -- there is such a thing as as bad press here McDonald try to do something pretty using yesterday and star like this. Twin error kind of account or not -- Calvin Twitter campaign review which was to share -- positive wonderful stories -- a loving McDonald's if they end their oven and wonderful be mitigating evidence penalty consumers' time and then took they're -- different route here and -- and really negatives in one person Riley McDonald's when I'm ill because it makes me feel sick anyway. Then -- -- these McDonald's stories never get all kinda like a box and McDonald's ten piece chicken nuggets left in the sun for a week. That someone else wrote watching a classmate projectiles bomb at his -- all over the restaurant during the six straight trip. That was the story they share in the finally -- put it quite eloquently I haven't been McDonald's in years ago but rather -- my own diarrhea. And that is what -- He molested the battles and the battle Twitter can. Is that over about the desired impact from the folks that Mickey d.'s don't forget to ask for McDonald's I like me doubt my kids love it. Lately and that's rise of the planet in the hands a month. I you know we'll probably haven't had me down -- -- -- premier Wang the famous designer. Yes famous fashion designer at fashion he says she posed for a series of pictures and Harper's -- much kitty yes how -- she is based upon that. Nice little photo issue based on that. I'd say better -- -- Ortiz summed then how about 621. Wow really near 6262. Is that not a real -- -- in -- state exists just be fair here -- -- you know we don't know quite with the with the little photo -- go -- on a little -- I don't know why do you know -- I -- what I don't quite know what -- solicited some anticipation -- high. You know her physical stature I mean she's pretty fifty -- that she takes care of herself and that she could use a cheeseburger now. I'm that we all -- Donald -- Carter. Bilingual teacher here in northwest Florida -- lets kids have little bit of fun here as a way of encouraging them to meet this and goals is part of a reading program he lets the kids kind of have a little bit. A fun at his expense of the couple months ago that kids don't applesauce autumn. And then later there's going to be a dump tank to don't later in the year but this latest gimmick was -- allowed them for what -- -- it's just -- -- -- -- marshmallows. In the in the schoolyard here and and that the 600 kids about 400 made the -- -- -- -- we'll have some fun with the kids one have a little bit. You know rock business at his expense which is -- a case of Vera -- -- 62 I want you to take a look at these photos out of England this mother. We don't have made us so there's this mother. She's a size six figure 36 double. 62 that's the problem she's been getting booted out of nightclubs as they say that she as dressing too old tired she needs to look younger basically a 28 -- and it can happen club yeah. -- no room -- -- my grandmother of four and the club -- -- -- wouldn't.

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{"id":15427140,"title":"WNN Papers: Did McDonald?s McFail?","duration":"1:36","description":"How well did the Twitter and McDonald's team-up work out?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-mcdonalds-mcfail-15427140","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}