WNN Papers: Teenage Tweeter

A teenager tweets criticism of her governor, and he apologizes.
3:00 | 11/28/11

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Teenage Tweeter
World news now delivers your morning me. -- nice New Orleans Saints Iowa this millennial not to upset the giants fans yeah everybody was pretty -- last night just saying. But -- morning papers today. -- story out of Kansas you're gonna -- speech vs politics issue here all this was a young girl -- their high school girl who kind of treated summing that the governor of Kansas. What's -- Xavier Santa Brownback that he if you were pretty much sit in church week. That -- -- well -- communications director saw and demanded of of the principal auto in the opposite look. Please got a call from the governor's office you better apologize for what you have just it is ridiculous which is ridiculous and eventually they'll get -- this story made national news as it is again this morning and -- she doesn't have to apologize to the governor the governor have to apologize for parents a look my office. Over reacted to this and we don't want -- -- -- -- clearly got the Elian so this little girl want and actually made me by making a big deal she went from like a few you know doesn't Twitter followers a few thousand -- following a -- -- followers that threat that you suck. You know tweak -- an outlook so Emma Sullivan out there in Prairie Village Kansas. He won't say which if that's right. When that's right well I love this next story of seven in New York Post it's about eight to do -- like a bucket list. It's an art walk and it -- New Yorkers share their life goal before. And it's -- he -- -- before I die and apparently New Yorkers have really taken -- the baseball down all of them bought in the supplies. I would -- Y talk suggesting everything from -- a philosophical elect. I'm gonna live like I'm dying to some other things like I wanna become a WNBA -- here. They may be right. Really motivational and the one has filled up for the past two months has been wiped clean for a new round of dreamers -- to extend life line that I -- I -- was not nearly as inspirations kind of -- I love it bucket list that's right your -- -- -- yes Toyota unveiled a Smart phone cards sort of gotten. I guess if it's. It's inspirational right now and it's -- concept art works like a personal computer device. Recognizing and -- its driver allow them to connect on the move either with a tap of the touch panel door through -- in car interface and sort of like the Jetsons its thickest science fiction movie. And the -- also allows drivers to change the color and design of the body. Through the display. I demand love it crazies. Or want one but technology always come to the downside is well there's a new study out here that says it all he used all you do -- there is we use Wi-Fi just like me narrowly. It has an impact on news -- your -- -- That's when the wave also because it says here after four hours -- to the Wi-Fi connected computer 25% of the sperm -- stopped moving and 9%. -- -- -- -- -- Damage have you -- -- -- -- The dial it up.

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{"id":15044464,"title":"WNN Papers: Teenage Tweeter","duration":"3:00","description":"A teenager tweets criticism of her governor, and he apologizes.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-teenage-tweeter-15044464","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}