WNN Papers: Voices from the Grave

If you could, what message would you send from the grave?
2:56 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for WNN Papers: Voices from the Grave
World news now delivers your morning. While I was out yesterday -- I was at a funerals of this next story kind of resonates -- me a little bit for you FaceBook users out -- apparently there is a new app called. If I die which lets you kind of speak to your friends even after you're no longer part of this great earthly world -- works is you state. You take something or whatever you know it you know to do the play after your your day and then. It activated on your FaceBook page when she passed away protect me because you pick three or FaceBook friends and once they all -- confirmed in fact you are -- That is when that it it will be posted your page -- -- -- -- -- all your friends to see what everyone is safe. After your your thoughts I thought I think he'll find. You know god forbid died horrible when I say to halt careful line what message Biden -- -- Home. -- up here and after world. Below we. Jason. You don't feel minutes -- you can. Over goes to a Diet Coke wasn't really you know issues and she came -- it up like this morning -- -- you overnight school. It's crazy crazy. -- -- -- That's when -- Those parting words go to -- -- the happen not -- an -- at that not just yet. And apparently they can't all this because some friends the person bottoming at a near death experience and attributes and oh my god I've read anything about from my kids so that's what -- the -- for the -- if I got. More -- but I gotta make sense he was that a device you what I want talk about right now. Six -- well actually there as actually eight Koppel and Dallas a pastor and his wife. I got on top of the the -- with a home with the bed and had a 24 hour with a calling lake ain't bad in. Their. Point was to promote a book -- the experiment seven days a lasting intimacy with your spouse if -- wanna shout from the -- -- -- says about sex and parents with helping sexual marriages can be good examples to their kids. And and in the Bible is full second in this neighborhood song fountains. You're certainly going to lovers read your church -- what do we think about that. The prominent and queen and him. -- -- Yes good methadone and it. -- undated thank you mr. and mrs. Nelson debt. Who who who. Let me hear Aaron felt this like YouTube sensation has gotten millions of hits this -- -- and it. Baghdad they'll help you turn the newspaper pages without getting that ink on is being nineteen steps. Has -- who's gone crazy. YouTube here and movie I didn't think on your fingers at a Reunion -- Paper. He's designing video -- totally -- and -- figures that something that dollar up.

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{"id":15384418,"title":"WNN Papers: Voices from the Grave","duration":"2:56","description":"If you could, what message would you send from the grave?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-papers-voices-grave-15384418","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}