WNN Quotes

Some notable quotables from this past week.
2:21 | 10/21/11

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Welcome back everybody -- another busy news week of the bookseller can only mean one day time for the Friday remind. I look at what made this week unlike any other including the dictator a driver. And some dancing check it out. This is -- momentous day in the history of look at. Dark shadow of -- has been lifted and with this enormous promise and the Libyan people now have a great -- -- -- cars are -- to announce that Dan Wheldon has passed away. Come -- survivable injuries they just crumbled in common -- -- Everybody gas it is the most -- make great I have ever seen -- -- Grizzly bears and black bears there. There -- -- -- There were -- there was tigers who have whether Iraq. Cops can't catch and -- right wild crazy it's unconscionable. And is no -- way to describe it it's looks like Sargent Dave these people were stored. Surplus means in the basement and -- MR personal had a stroke and. Needs an MRI in every other suggestions that just a convenience I don't think slope. If you don't have a job -- -- -- -- and here in front of the American. And did not. Tell the truth a year ahead illegals working on your property and if you have a problem with allowing some of the -- -- -- -- -- -- Good if you -- to become president states are eligible people's lives easier attitude is to simply. And you love these things are often not to her community service. Nor her obligation to engage in counseling all -- not to say that you know. Dreams could never give up hope that all we wouldn't -- results. Lady Gaga Lady Gaga and I will have a heart attack -- -- My sixteenth Bloomberg. We came we can't put -- You know it's hard to be like serious and -- when your -- like this it'll. That's an excellent description Carson OK we thought we have a death old right hander Aaron that's where the stars will be dancing again -- -- this time Broadway really. Every you know we did cancer earlier this week when they're reading me this gun -- they get -- -- -- the -- --

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{"id":14784985,"title":"WNN Quotes","duration":"2:21","description":"Some notable quotables from this past week.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-quotes-14784985","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}