WNN Quotes of the Past Week

What were this week's notable quotables?
2:35 | 01/20/12

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Transcript for WNN Quotes of the Past Week
-- retrospective on this weekend edition time to bring buying the week for the highlights and low life that. Made headlines from the Kursk tragedy -- nasty political code pink campaign. Also this way Hollywood is shine bright at the Golden Globe was before the Oscars of course it's all part of Barack. Friday you re -- It was -- just terrible situation just. -- -- -- -- -- -- chaos. It's -- seem like anyway -- are doing just. I mean and where we're fighting for our lives and he's more concerned about themselves -- missiles were examined 700%. First. I believe it is now time for our party. To unite around the candidate. Best equipped. To defeat Barack Obama today. I am suspending my campaign. Endorsing Newt Gingrich we better differences which campaign will inevitably. Have. And it is not perfect but who among us. My -- gonna give that away. And and I get speakers' fees and time to time but not very much. -- In my experience. Do it's can I have never had to it was too. -- -- He present himself isn't a very sort of old world man. Who was really out of his element in dealing with these sorts of accusations diabetes. Is not -- deaths and you have to make. Changes in your life. I'm diversity. -- collected about five. And this jacket to be -- I just feel like my mom. You know passed away when I was eighteen. I love my children -- -- -- Little gotta love the dogs on the red carpet and -- loss -- going to be happening next week is alone in South Carolina primary will be a big deal coming up tomorrow and then the first Republican debate in Florida is coming up next week as well an Oscar nominations are announced on Tuesday -- Oscars. February 26 -- here on ABC. Almost and to give -- -- -- -- or not there ought to create close Colorado -- determine like that.

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{"id":15401453,"title":"WNN Quotes of the Past Week","duration":"2:35","description":"What were this week's notable quotables?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-quotes-past-week-15401453","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}