WNN: Getting in Shape for the New Year

What do you do when "Working Out Sucks"?
4:58 | 01/18/12

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Transcript for WNN: Getting in Shape for the New Year
Welcome back everyone maybe by now your New Year's resolution to work out more -- slipping a bit. Well I guess this -- is here with what he calls his no BS way to get back on track when it comes to your fitness he's chuck -- and he's the author of working out stocks. And Wyatt doesn't have to he's also. -- -- And co-founder of anytime fitness -- Kate Jack I love the -- -- if we embrace the fact that working out does -- do you think that will allow us psychologically to work out easier. I do I -- I've been in the fitness industry for over twenty years I think it's a relief. For those people who don't enjoy -- cannot understand that you know a lot of people feel that way they they feel that working out those -- but they do it for how it impacts would survive. Yet I want to ask you know. Here's a thousand books about working out just on the market so how is yours different what I read it this is not a -- is -- in our industry is trying to paint this picture -- there's. Smiling people on a treadmill every day but I don't know what you and I go to -- level -- You're smiling on the right now must send -- -- yeah I think we've been trying to fuel these gimmicks -- the magic pill and look this is they know BS is that common sense way for anyone. But -- fitness enthusiast and how to adapt it into their life and make it stick OK so if I don't work out what in my missing out. Well we talk about how your personal health impacts every nook and cranny of your life from relationships your kids. Your income after sex like you -- your pets is what we talk about the book. But why do you think it -- maybe maybe the sex life. Well how the facts are I mean people who work out. Have sex more often than people who don't work out in fact we've been talked about you know people have a desire to be wealthier were really eager desire to start by being healthier because. City workers make more than they're unfit here -- really does impact of years. Peterson -- out there that were a little mind blowing you said about 80% of adults don't work out and a regular basis of a third of adults in a third of children right now in America are. Referred to as. Obesity isn't this is a pretty severe phenomena and I love that she -- -- -- but a couple of -- chapters. One of them you. You talk about the parents of a fat kids and the parents of -- should go to jail and another chapter -- money is allergic. To fat people you you're really get a little controversial that -- I -- it's -- parks and -- of the bowl but you know as parents have to lead by example. True that part kids' generation as the first generation objected to the shorter life than their parents. It's really pretty. And it's no precedents of the adult obesity rate continues to go and near Baghdad is the child movie -- itself. I kind of put the only -- of parents say look if you want wanna fix kids obesity it starts with the parents. And what about career wise it how could obesity be holding someone back. That that is struggling with their -- me into this is the brand and of those statistics support in the book that. Fit workers who make more than -- -- -- -- and so you know again we don't talk about what the skill sets your fitness is now about what -- waited to what you belt sizes. You know fitness for -- -- on the -- but -- And then again how it impacts every year we live we'll talk about first -- -- the proportion to welcome to help you find the motivation. And then we have a behavior change section -- -- tejada did you make a plan and stick with a long term and then we. A rap about what they common sense when -- when they plan for nutrition and fitness and this is specifically designed. For the four out of five people who don't like to work -- would never done before may look you know it's already mid January and move toward giving up on their New Year's resolution yet to work out this is the book for them for the people who -- Lawson Melissa Wright who tried it and it has worked before. It's not gimmicky but we're we're we're gonna make this -- So it's just a 21 day fitness program what does that involve. First of all it is a combination of and then by the way this is not a pitch to -- -- -- trying to help but you don't need to join a club to be active. We just -- each active in your home -- things you can do you didn't feel like you network. And then when we talk about the food plan look I love food I -- -- televised Camilla state trust men do and and we're not -- going after diet. We've taken some real food every day for the people leave and we put 120 when they plan that you can adopt that is not two extreme. That that you're going to. Ballots -- gonna make it we're gonna make it work. Word all the proceeds for working -- -- -- -- -- temple profits from the book are being donated to -- for life an organization to provide prosthetics to those who can't afford it so when you pick up that book. You can help yourself become healthy and help someone else become more active to you can find it at Amazon. Working out suck -- com or your local anytime fitness. Glad we -- and my thing that -- cannot testify. Thank you -- join -- and the child and be sure to check out our FaceBook fan page WNN and -- come. For more expert fitness advice you're watching world news now -- The defendants -- between.

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{"id":15384385,"title":"WNN: Getting in Shape for the New Year","duration":"4:58","description":"What do you do when \"Working Out Sucks\"?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-shape-year-15384385","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}