WNN Skinny: 'American Idol' Jailbird

Which 'American Idol' wound up in jail?
3:00 | 12/22/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: 'American Idol' Jailbird
Welcome back about confidence CNN. We can't go apparently got -- Adam Lambert from American Idol fame runner up popular guy way back. 14100 seasons ago and this -- when he apparently had little brush with the law he it is boyfriend -- a bar in Helsinki. Apparently there was some kind of dispute and they started tussle in there in the -- -- -- down the bar this practice then spilled out onto the street they both ended up getting. I'll rest did end move because of the incident inside the bar has more -- there's apparently reality store up there in in Finland they had some kind of spat. And then Adam as a tweeting later fame is not easy celebrities are only human love is not easy years either but it is. For ever they were a bar called don't tell mama and -- things got a little rough. And he was taken out and arrested today's gay bar brawl Adam come -- my baby together. That I am public. Hey real good response they never been in love that -- considered murder and -- -- -- -- they radiated I guess in love right on you know up. Like as a celebrity and that's not and I did not hear it. Well Anthony Wiener member of the yes what's and his Jon -- who could prevent us from around on Twitter is well apparently. He and his wife. Just had their baby full day's name is Jordan Zane Weiner he arrived ten days before his December 31 -- -- Weighing just over seven pounds and so. I say I think this babies saved their marriage -- remember this whole scandal exploded. -- around the time when she just announced her pregnancy had she not been pregnant I wonder the marriage. Blitzer I hope if that American survive. -- his lies and scandal has also normal and that's parents saying well I'm sure we'll be texting -- a picture of his behavior -- sometime soon as we get his hands to look at that I don't want. I understood maybe in -- -- hello I'm I don't double entendre all right silly story here to have really -- -- an editor of a Dutch magazine. Who has been fired up because she kind of wrote -- article about Rihanna using a racial -- not funny here because apparently in this article was the phrase. Any word followed by -- -- obviously caused the big -- she lost her job after eight years in the magazine. How to Rihanna was now -- she ended up tweeting your magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights I find it disrespectful. And rather. Desperate and that then the other -- hope the editor's name mega mega famous Jackie she -- don't publish bad jokes and magazine don't pretend bed just to be funny sorry guys. My dad to me a lukewarm apology. I don't know why that was his job so don't get it I mean I like funny things and that wasn't funny that people do forget sometimes -- to be too seriously and skinny but the N word. It's actually not about black folks actually word that means and ignorant person so what's that editor you're the only N word in this -- -- -- -- that lets move on something like okay. Well Taylor Armstrong first. Need to -- out flat -- real. For housewives of Beverly Hills apparently filed for divorce from her husband we know that he subsequently killed as of golf course of divorce -- -- you Spanish out. Cool that scandalous stupid more reality news Joseph do Dyson -- -- from -- real housewives -- Jersey has now been indicted on charges of fraud and impersonation and have money troubles for a while they don't -- could be headed to the slammer indicted. Happy holiday -- Case.

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{"id":15217534,"title":"WNN Skinny: 'American Idol' Jailbird","duration":"3:00","description":"Which 'American Idol' wound up in jail?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-american-idol-jailbird-15217534","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}