WNN Skinny: Chaz Bono's Talk Show Idea

Chaz Bono floats an idea for a talk show.
2:37 | 11/16/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Chaz Bono's Talk Show Idea
And for the skinny well Dancing With The Stars elimination. Bye -- hope. There is no more hold no more -- -- it's very interesting I mean the couple sent home -- was hope that -- but the final three couples with a big surprise a lot of people. Rock hard dashing in and Cheryl Burton Ricki Lake and Derek and JR Martinez and Karina -- next week not final -- -- really. When -- another season -- I think -- -- -- thing about them I think get things done even -- and he's the favorite I think he's the best when I'm Michelle Ricki Lake regulate navy. But what we're into when we miss McMahon that he -- the files entering another season in the books as well all right we'll get another -- thing. -- could become an appetite here Chaz Bono was on the Howard Stern Show kind of made the point to how he wants to start. Felt like a male version of the view with his Dancing With The Stars colleagues soon be hidden David. JR Martinez and Carson Presley and -- but I love the idea how much on my show that he can test it out so. Watch yeah we got a lot of a lot of different points of view you invent one now you get out of -- he had -- -- show. What -- shows it -- shows how about CBS news is bankunited Gayle King Charlie Rose Erica hill and they think they're gonna be able to have to rebuild the struggling. Morning show again no cooking segments nothing like that it's going to be sort of hard news world news. And we wish them luck I mean I just I wonder if people are willing to do that in the morning -- they want that heavy heavy stuff in the morning -- it will say -- It's a -- they've got a lot of experimentation over there we'll see if awards I think it's interesting kind of personality you know -- and all. They had -- -- -- -- that Erica before she's fantastic and then all of a sudden the elder statesman of the group the serious news guys are reluctant to -- then look. Putting more out we're watching the work that's right we'll check it out. Also -- -- -- -- apparently there's a petition out there people are so disgusted by the show and my of course by the marriage whole fiasco -- -- offers a petition out there to get need to pull the network off the shouldn't give them the card that she's off the show and as of November 15 the so called no more card that's in addition. Which lost on September the second had more than 101000 signatures out of time. -- -- more people hear about the thing maybe they'll get off the of the people are speaking I think there's been -- after the wedding official wedding thing I. I don't spend about a wedding think -- really. -- like -- not.

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{"id":14961988,"title":"WNN Skinny: Chaz Bono's Talk Show Idea","duration":"2:37","description":"Chaz Bono floats an idea for a talk show.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-chaz-bonos-talk-show-idea-14961988","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}