WNN Skinny: More From Chris Brown and Rihanna

An unbelievable drama involves the rapper and singer.
2:39 | 01/19/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: More From Chris Brown and Rihanna
Welcome back everybody time following a Thursday skinny here -- mark -- made some. Unwanted headlines here because he made a comment about 9/11 -- he's been saying for years now he was supposed to be. In one of those planes on 9/11 on Tuesday morning -- -- planes every question every scheduled right into the world tracer and -- rescheduling just 'cause and they made some comments though. In an interview and he said some and he said aren't sure if I was on that play with my kids it wouldn't have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood -- that first class cabin and then he's saying OK -- land somewhere safely. Don't worry rationing plan he was taking care of the terrorists -- -- -- like -- Dozen movies of course that did not -- well some folks have been kind of had -- release a statement -- EMC after -- interview -- men's journal and he -- to speculate that's such -- situation is ridiculous to Begin with and -- I would have done anything differently. And the fasteners on that plane was irresponsible a deeply apologize to the families of the victims -- it became obvious insensitive -- certainly was not my intention Smart -- don't comment Smart apology for saying the movies it's real life. -- This is something that you don't want to find near your home and brand Salinas home out near Hollywood they found. A couple of severed hands thing about -- no they did not about the a couple of severed hands. And they believe that they belong to this demand -- had they found decapitated the day before in that area. -- that human head was in a plastic bag it has -- near the Hollywood sign. It's pretty creepy because -- remembered they've never seen Brad Pitt's movie seven ask Sally and I yeah. Wonder if somebody turned him back. -- -- I think detectives have been a lot of legwork and in that case -- -- -- Thank you -- producers got incredible that -- US we US the us weekly is never reporting them -- -- it has been three years since the assault between Chris brown and Rihanna and other new report to him from. Us weekly and exclusives and guess what they are back together they've been -- up actually for about a year now. Which would be the PR disaster for Rihanna and -- sad state of affairs all the way around let's hope that's not true but that is work all industry watching go back to -- Peter. Who knows but -- satellite no challenge -- and finally I want to show you a picture who does this look like she's about ten years old. And they look familiar. Yes Cindy Crawford's daughter -- at ten years old she's making her -- -- -- -- former Sox young Versace -- and she is. Gorgeous as pressure grows like mother like daughter -- -- she's on her way.

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{"id":15391818,"title":"WNN Skinny: More From Chris Brown and Rihanna","duration":"2:39","description":"An unbelievable drama involves the rapper and singer.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-chris-brown-rihanna-15391818","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}