WNN Skinny: Daniel Radcliffe on Hair

Daniel Radcliffe talks about hair, but not "Harry Potter."
2:32 | 02/02/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Daniel Radcliffe on Hair
Unfortunately so just give me percent of this this morning -- -- -- kind of sad twist of -- little -- them first a Black History Month we lose kind of make this African American cultural icon Don Cornelius -- yesterday. At the age of 75 California. An apparent suicide attempted to make things even more or more said -- all this but this they -- remember today is just -- -- cultural phenomenon is soul. The show's soul train runs leopard print premiered back in 19 -- and 1970 -- -- -- until. 93 some of the biggest names in music came through there James Brown Aretha Franklin was like Stevie Wonder Smokey Robinson David William John name and they were on that show. And the doors -- from black music from black entertainment but really across the country people of all races -- -- that you was just smiled cultural launching pad and you can't tell me not Anthony's want Parker who unwittingly -- -- busted out of Seoul train. Mind so you know -- he did a lot of good a lot of people rest in peace left or whatever -- -- what you did that's between you. And and where you are right now -- we what you -- here on earth we thank you wouldn't. We'll would have Pelletreau. She's she's got legs that's for sure -- the recent addition of Harper's bizarre Xia. Showing off her little her -- and she also reveals a a little bit about her marriage to Coldplay frontman Chris Martin of course lots of rumors years past that they've been on the rocks but she says. He's very communicative. She doesn't -- they don't -- getting divorced anytime soon she says -- I think it she's like I do think -- fallen out of love you just keep going in every time you go for really hard -- you discover something new and he gets battered -- his with a married. Eight years now and we're still into it so. For sticking together does absolutely -- -- -- That why would it really does nothing for me don't get it but this so beautiful. There. Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame got to be very interesting interview here because you know we have talked about the term. Landscaping or whatever well he's got a bus there's -- you know what I would do a lot of maintenance down there I've just got to. Let nature do what it does that he's and he also doesn't even like women who. Or release -- moments -- -- is -- creeping there's nothing down there so we just. Listen for whatever reason because of a link to his new movie decided to share this deeply personal. Information about his nether regions so perfect time for welcome to the jungle Harry Potter and -- act.

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{"id":15495683,"title":"WNN Skinny: Daniel Radcliffe on Hair","duration":"2:32","description":"Daniel Radcliffe talks about hair, but not \"Harry Potter.\"","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-daniel-radcliffe-hair-15495683","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}