WNN Skinny: Demi Moore's Illness

Could a relapse have caused Demi Moore's recent hospital visit?
2:58 | 01/25/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Demi Moore's Illness
Advice and scary -- -- who's looking skinny little -- and is -- Moore had saying it could be because she's relapse potentially. York daily news as saying that she was rushed to a hospital late Monday. She's entering rehab. Sources told the daily news and she has chosen to seek professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health says her publicist. -- -- -- she's just tired maybe overstressed from the pending the horse TMZ -- cop who was the first to report the distress call. And schematic -- spent over half an hour at her palatial mansion. That TMC dot com is reporting that it was substance abuse she. Have a drug problem way back in the eighties when her brat -- days he hoped the -- and every last but certainly you go through a messy public divorce is is -- you don't know what actually two people cope in different ways is -- -- all works out new term scary scary scary. Also she pulled out of a movie as well yes yes. Revelations residue Lovelace and then pulled out of that we don't know whether it's related question -- -- to be an idea so this is else. Speculation speculation that police say yes unconfirmed reports. Better news or Garth Brooks of course you may have heard he was down in this trial of Oklahoma basically is -- passed -- of cancer are 99. His argument -- case is that he gave a half million dollars to this hospital to name. A young woman senator after his mom there in Oklahoma the -- that was never bail he sued back in 2000 nice and look ahead -- verbal agreement with -- hospital to bill. This woman senator didn't come through -- yesterday the jury said you know we agree and -- warned him that half million dollars back plus 150000 dollars in punitive. Damages well so basically walks away 650 -- of summer hoping -- push that to another charitable -- so Clark walks away a winner in Oklahoma court. So Cynthia Nixon that Sex -- the City ruffling feathers she is gay and she's ruffling feathers among these lesbian game. Bisexual trans yeah community for some comments that she made. At any of recent event which she was speaking to the gay community she's a gave a speech -- empowerment speech to gay audience included the lineup and straight have been gay and gay is better. And they try to get me to change it because they -- it implies that homosexuality can be choice and for me it's a choice she says you don't get to define my game is -- but of course. I know of that community believes it's from former that she says for me it's a choice to try to change -- arms. I'm jump headfirst to the whole born this way -- you in. An existing -- -- that's gonna have some fallout. Also more fallout from Paula dean diabetes get -- long time. A publicist has quit -- six weeks' notice back in October left in December -- -- -- understand the logic Paula going to market bad diabetes drug after she got her diagnosis. It has been -- have been being a bit of a PR disaster for Paula. Publicists all the writing on the wall and got out -- -- out all of your mama.

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{"id":15436699,"title":"WNN Skinny: Demi Moore's Illness","duration":"2:58","description":"Could a relapse have caused Demi Moore's recent hospital visit?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-demi-moores-illness-15436699","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}