WNN Skinny: The Dreamy Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling is the 24/7 and on-demand heartthrob.
2:42 | 02/03/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: The Dreamy Ryan Gosling
Welcome back everybody. Instead you start off with -- -- -- this morning estimated at carver family here famous for Nick Carter for a member of the Backstreet Boys as well as his. -- little brother Aaron went on to become a singer as well over the 25 year old sister. Has passed away SE -- died of a -- drug overdose it was under the influence of several prescription drugs. According to two police. She fell in the shower back on the morning of January 30 and then. Passed away at a later point had a long history of mental illness according to some family members here they found three drugs in her body. During the autopsy she'd actually moved from Canada back to Western New York to kind of keep your prescription -- drug habit but obviously did not. In the it was not able to do that she leaves behind a husband as well as young daughter with I was -- different ways also had a reality show. As well the -- there for awhile but said ending another Hollywood example -- -- drugs that takes we wish. That's average investor was -- -- be a difficult -- Weeks and then they say that there innkeeper FaceBook page to use that she has entered you know absolutely. One out later note if you -- -- Time Warner subscriber I'm sure you've noticed on demand there's -- Ryan Gosling channel. Give -- up for the month of February O'Brien got clean and all his. Amazingly hot -- cut -- -- bank I don't really namely you don't have a comment says Nextel all this month you can watch. His -- -- of this past movies that notebook crazy stupid love the ides of march. Lars and the real girl -- gasoline on demand available through February 27. You don't have time -- -- -- railings. Sorry Michelle let that be make do with her husband yes he's great this matter he's back John you're better than -- -- anyway and it could save. Could -- -- the big entertainment story of the morning here obviously Regis -- left to show for twenty years back in November now according to Perez Hilton dot com. There could be a new one about to take this seat -- -- men delve could be the next one to sit next to telegraph as -- as you can imagine these are unidentified sources but it could. BLU was killed and several times he could be the next Regis stay tuned to. But he whatever -- hander has -- isn't Germany and the level of OK real quickly -- -- -- -- -- -- -- spokeswoman for JC Penney she's going to be helping design and to design clothes and out. They gay and lesbian community is attacking -- one million moms dot com community which is a conservative group the conservative group says that. Funny how they think JC Penney hiring an open homosexual will help their business. Get over -- folks and.

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{"id":15504355,"title":"WNN Skinny: The Dreamy Ryan Gosling","duration":"2:42","description":"Ryan Gosling is the 24/7 and on-demand heartthrob.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-dreamy-ryan-gosling-15504355","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}