WNN Skinny: Eddie Murphy

Why did Eddie Murphy quit as host of the Oscars?
3:14 | 11/10/11

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Eddie Murphy
This bill that made some really good heads being raised and I -- Eddie Murphy is out. Hosting the Oscars and what's so upsetting about that is he was -- other reasons -- -- why I don't. -- sports inning comeback well you know I we we know that Brett Ratner resigned as the producer. It is -- -- forced out it was kind of forced out because he made some really. Terrible remark aids malaria and -- David Murphy says I completely understand and support each party's decision with regard to a change of producers in this year's Academy Awards ceremony -- was -- looking forward to being part of the show. But I'm sure that the new production team -- -- we'll do an equally great job as -- someone new in -- -- yes actually the new person is Brian graze there he is well known he received a best picture nomination nineteen -- five in 2008 for Apollo thirteen of FROST/NIXON and actually his current project about to -- -- I believe on Friday. So an -- of the -- Very high profile big producer guy Anderson but -- you know he's was replaced he got -- young irreverent guy who's gonna we're very -- kind of backed out because. He's producer but it really want to work with on that they'll -- -- -- -- -- -- that we wanted to work -- cities -- -- -- I respect the decision but. This is not a mafia was anymore and he's -- -- -- -- -- now I would vote for Jimmy Kimmel and you would take a different Jimmy Jimmy found -- Alan clothes IE you have ancient history wrapped into the Justin Timberlake -- there's I don't know very good. -- let's move on now mail is another baby daddies get up there may be Star Magazine is reporting that this reality star Laura believes he. Who's 35 years old she was in a show called secrets -- -- whenever that was back in 2010. She's saying our other friends have told -- of hers and told Star Magazine she's pregnant and the baby's daddy. It is a male. Give us enough both the woman ML or denying this these are friends Hoggan Star Magazine so we'll -- help plays out -- -- the rumors that maybe it's his baby she's about four months along and. And he isn't what the news to go public officials his ninth child I -- to stay away from Mel Gibson is -- hateful but fertile land. We'll get there. About this Marc Jacobs Dakota Fanning at ban for being sexually provocative of the Kodiak and -- -- seventeen years old. This -- apparently -- is wearing the short -- holding the bottle of mark JUCE -- -- Marc Jacobs perfume. And the average and you regulators deemed it sexually provocative acquisition and into the flour and -- her angst ridden over little much. I guess some people would say it's artistic. You know gave them credit for editing is -- they had Iraq. Also serious -- to Zsa Zsa Gabor apparently is back in the hospital -- more she's actually. Had a real bad a couple of months and she has this feeding tube at a summit -- sort of bleeding pretty heavily so she's now back in the hospital. So we will keep an eye on eventually ourselves as little before nine before she did do a -- for that you know to be. Get up there in age but you know we. I thought to herself back upstairs right there in the hospital was shot well judge I'll keep you updated on that thing to.

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{"id":14921789,"title":"WNN Skinny: Eddie Murphy","duration":"3:14","description":"Why did Eddie Murphy quit as host of the Oscars?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-eddie-murphy-14921789","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}