WNN Skinny: Halle Berry is Looking to Leave

Why might the Oscar winner be booking a ticket out of Hollywood?
3:35 | 02/10/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Halle Berry is Looking to Leave
Welcome back everybody -- got out kinda revealing some personal information we -- out of known about her -- in the one time particularly in her. A high school years she was actually believe it brand -- look -- her -- players he says I wanted to be a skinny little ballerina but I wasn't voluptuous little Italian girl whose dad had he -- on the table. Every nice it was really really painful and less than most of her time -- high school. Throwing competition -- -- her voluptuous shape shifting her weight is still struggle. -- -- victim -- us with too much to become such an anti -- -- he's running particularly. I don't -- playing well at home -- campaign which is what she's doing around the throughout the world for that's who speaking at a conference for women. LA kind of dissent look who don't believe consumer magazines brawl Photoshop can stretch to me a little you know little -- certain way that's not real life so it's kind of revealing something personal -- -- -- continue this messages. Self acceptance which I think she's all about. And it's great for teenagers who -- -- -- -- she has a different equal time within and you know she needed -- is. -- what if you remember the guy who was stalking -- kind of became a little celebrity was a homeless guy in California who was stalking Madonna back in 1995 he was actually arrested for stalking her right now he's moved on. To Halley Berry but this is actually. Really serious he told Elliott or LAPD told tally this Hoskins threatened I'm gonna kill that expletive I'm gonna cut her throat. So now she's saying that she actually wants to leave Hollywood and moved to France and you know actually her for her. Young say that is actually lives in -- was -- saying that she'd like to go -- -- with him. -- daddy daddy is doing exactly and bring her little girl now all -- in -- -- in some custody battles going on with our. Obama right but she get those kind of concern for her safety of that specific violent -- -- -- throws and that's kind of scary good luck maybe she can get out of the country escape the madness of of that life for a little while also responded I think a few days -- about this new Princess Diana movie that's gonna -- chronicle. -- the last two years or life phone guess who landed the coveted role they don't look for enactment lot of big name's Naomi Watts is gonna play for Princess Diana movie probably best known for her role in King Kong a few years back she actually beat out Jessica Jessica's. -- state of the help. -- -- I had also Keira -- to get that role things and contents our production in the UK next year. And -- says -- such an honor be able to play this iconic role princes Diana was -- across the world. Now look forward to rising to the challenge of playing her on screen so -- wants him to play the princess and for -- excited deceive. You remember the affairs dealer at a course to -- -- that everybody got so excited about right alone personal little bit Smith in the includes commercial and -- was take a look at it. Broderick. -- You have excellent taste and automobiles Ben Stein says he thinks it's pretty messed up that hon -- of various -- Booth just. During the Super Bowl and didn't bother to put him in the and you heard a dozen Broderick -- -- imitating his voice he's like hey I was available you -- put me again. Now -- does I'll be happy if you give me a new car -- Nydia -- that this settlement yeah. Ametek commercial -- -- that air time because they can afford to put men's diet and the original back come on -- We'll be right back more after -- everybody don't go fall.

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{"id":15553658,"title":"WNN Skinny: Halle Berry is Looking to Leave","duration":"3:35","description":"Why might the Oscar winner be booking a ticket out of Hollywood?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-halle-berry-leave-15553658","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}