WNN Skinny: Heather Locklear's Drama

Find out Heather Locklear's real life medical drama and 911 call.
3:43 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Heather Locklear's Drama
I think every. Mom and pop -- -- -- their little daughter up with Tim Tebow. Just a good kid right -- -- including Katie good Harry's parents of course there and evangelical Christians and they have a church out in California. According to OK magazine. The parents are trying to orchestrate a meeting between her. And the Broncos cornerback at their California church she is mentioned I'm more than one occasion how -- she likes ten because he's hits and charming and above all. A good Christian she was a Christian pop star never listened to some government I have -- -- a mutiny within those people because you get famous as she kissed a girl like that she so sold out. And welcome to although she made music that you were actually you know. Governor more into so whatever that's -- about pop culture I think it's gonna happen but heading over the sex addicted former drug addicted -- -- virgin. You know religious god yet because they always do -- virgin and she obviously is an appetite clearly. And I think he's waiting for a woman that has kind of held herself to the same values that he has yeah and that of her. I'm not sure that's kitty but her parents obviously very religious they went back I can see why they -- -- make the hook up what I don't quite see the chemistry. Liven up between you know just a Garland had I don't I don't quit -- she used to quarterback gigantic issue well I mean you know Tim come on the hunt. Hello can go all right also have a lot there's series' story out of Hollywood this morning apparently there was -- -- phone call from -- home from 911. Thursday -- from a sister from her sister I should say and racially there was -- -- some believe that she may have mixed alcohol. As -- some prescription of medications. Emergency personnel came to the -- realized she needed a little more attention that you give -- the scenes they did. -- hospitalized her as well she -- northwest of delayed again this is the latest in the string of incidents because she was hospitalized back. In December of 2010 for bacterial infection even last November she and her. Former fiance Jack Wagner called off their engagement at the time so. Whatever don't have a she's had a string of troubles than -- -- legacy and that -- -- know look at what he's had some rough times so have we hope she's getting better. -- for early on for Irish fans. Mark Wahlberg V show's producer executive producer drama will be remotely. He actually said he told GQ magazine is -- -- going ahead and rumors that we've seen the end of major gregarious posse are just that rumors he's -- it's definitely something we're actively trying to put together we're just waiting. For the series creator to write the script he co I think -- ninety minute movie it's your crazy nasty guys just getting back to be in guys lose the ladies go crazy. He says people complain -- the episodes for too short which was his main motivation for the movie and they were there really act. Alligator earlier quakes cannot give Donna -- -- and he -- -- series finale then you leave a lot of room because you're already for a for a movie so I -- -- -- come out and we love those guys. Also updates -- story yesterday Khloe Kardashian and her -- extent moms can announce it will not really -- that -- had. And that will now apparently in papers. Robert Kardashian himself said yes she is my biological child in corporate -- that he filed before. He died of cancer several years ago so he's financing yes she -- -- my daughter despite rumors out there to the contrary that she is not to want to get to discern real quick -- sent the rapper has insulted the new born. Beyonce and -- easy and it. Weeks. Heat kinda hot yeah. And play to my congratulations to Jay-Z and Beyonce baby blue lighting Carter is gorgeous he obviously -- from -- -- -- face that I cute little baby. Seven record massively. -- because his newborn baby yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"id":15352533,"title":"WNN Skinny: Heather Locklear's Drama","duration":"3:43","description":"Find out Heather Locklear's real life medical drama and 911 call.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-heather-locklears-drama-15352533","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}