WNN Skinny: Highest Grossing Actor

Which actor is the highest grossing at the box office?
2:41 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Highest Grossing Actor
And what with the skating be without it little Dancing With The Stars I don't know it's always -- favorite. Favorite topic here but would get some news report of towards chest photo going home tonight after six week run a lot of little lot of people thought. There was some controversy of course because. Bruno had been so -- -- Chad comparing him to an. And that -- okay to critique dance steps but don't make fun of my child on national TV. -- made his exit saying I came on the show because I wanted to show America a different kind of man and He got them. Related and that He did so already have go up to the sunset thank you -- This story really -- -- this morning. Pretty thing is the highest grossing actor of all time news movies have grossed from the most. Samuel L. Jackson said yeah accident. -- the highest grossing over this. -- is through this -- movies have grossed seven point 42 billion on the Dell is now 62 years old you may remember him from -- -- thanks -- Jungle fever the Star Wars movies time to kill all these great things Peta says look -- -- working class family -- -- to work hard. That's what I do use these book in several three to -- movies a year is doing its thing and ozone Raleigh Angela Bassett doing implant called the mountain -- which is about the last few days of an -- is life so He just does -- all seven and a half billion dollars over his career hit new records. -- you -- Jackson had not argue with that. OK we want to send some up well wishes to our friend Andy Rooney over from CBS He went it into some surgeries and special surgery. But he's apparently had some complications and now he's being hospitalized. With CBS says that the 92 year old writer condition is stable and at the request of his family -- offering no other medical information about. What's going on with them or where He was hospitalized. Of course just three weeks ago He made his final sign -- on sixty minutes and we wish him a speedy recovery from. We know -- -- resilience of good thoughts of him and his family. Also more top -- the Lohan family Lindsey's dad -- below has been arrested again. -- domestic abuse charges came from a fight in Florida with his -- off again girlfriend -- over scheduled court hearing she says. That because they grabbed her -- -- to the ground a couple of times -- -- were arguing over sex about the most recent restraining order she had against him and He -- upset because she He would she would have oral sex with him He tells a very different story. The point is more legal trouble in this very classy Lohan family -- -- -- apple Lohan.

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{"id":14815181,"title":"WNN Skinny: Highest Grossing Actor","duration":"2:41","description":"Which actor is the highest grossing at the box office?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-highest-grossing-actor-14815181","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}