WNN Skinny: Kim's Got Trouble

Why is the state of California going after Kim Kardashian's fortune?
3:00 | 01/03/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Kim's Got Trouble
Use the terms he would check came crashing and no no revolving Colin Kirby of -- -- the voluptuous the insanely sexy you'll learn. If your -- on world news now's our new partner today grab a slight. Obsession with cannot let things she's counter she's -- talented I just think she's hot that's -- and I say that sets her own account yes that's not so campaign cash and she's kind of invented the -- the target of a new proposed ballot initiative California to raise taxes on the wealthiest residents. He she said before. That the MTV's change your life because she gets out kind of -- get -- the video says that she made twelve million dollars in 2010 almost -- -- -- -- -- -- just one percentage point more. I'm in California income taxes than someone making 47 grams. -- and making her the poster child for this campaign out there attacks the reds to help raise billions of dollars for services that have been cut in for public schools as well holding her up as the 1%. Because one -- removed -- not to admire for well she didn't do as she did well. We -- -- we have putting time in the candidates later but let's -- of a lot of your favorite sale the -- -- David Beckham he had no -- seats have -- for our -- of French team out that parents but he got to get him some credit that he cited family reasons she's got four kids including net and young daughter doesn't want to move them. All across seas but -- Speaking of -- -- yet no pun intended that at all one more reason to donation at you know eleven -- I think -- -- yesterday was running back at key. Just debuted his new body where. For -- and in the under I don't know where Julie Wilson that -- you -- that you -- LL the area Indian built all of Valentine's Day. -- let's them you know what you can't I had yeah. Never got a -- -- that when I would still -- speaking to representative. Though little the level programs capital. Not a lot of -- tell friends -- -- -- yes why after vowed she would never get married again apparently she is actually going to tie the knot again. Radar online reporting of -- -- with an engagement ring. You can't didn't -- to her new boyfriend Olivier Martinez. If you don't remember him he's got from that that very hot Diane Lane -- your movie unfaithful two years ago the guy. He was -- -- he's having an affair with. They're saying is they're in love -- once -- -- he was spotted with the -- so. Alec thank you look crazy to go to -- -- a certain degree how do you let her get away -- -- she was she was a spurt to -- and what. How leader -- Barack they have the cat -- a nasty scene early today in the left a great question -- both. -- -- -- -- -- -- Bracket I think about how he vs Kim that's a good -- question help me out Battenfeld do you think about that a good question Paula.

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{"id":15284496,"title":"WNN Skinny: Kim's Got Trouble","duration":"3:00","description":"Why is the state of California going after Kim Kardashian's fortune?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-kims-trouble-15284496","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}