WNN Skinny: Showing Post Super Bowl Skin

Now that the Super Bowl is over, who's showing a bit more skin?
2:16 | 02/07/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Showing Post Super Bowl Skin
You may you may know TV personality Maria her new nose when she made a -- heart of her journalist yes a lot of her colleagues at extras but no one of the many shows that she does she's about our football -- she said look. Patriots have paid on certain. Yes patriots managed if they lose -- strip down to my bikini right there in Times Square thing that we're having a mild winter here in New York but Maria. Impressive it should not know as soon as you mentioned them soon the bat -- impressive and other ways as well look -- -- their Maria. The press for that. The woman ever -- -- publication wondering what the biggest thing this sex he's marvelous commercials was. Victoria's Secret Angel Adriana Lima of course was really one the knicks are shipped to all commercials -- comment about a minute and a half fourteen million dollars worth of of air time because that was after so expensive she did a moment commercial for. That this -- Laura -- -- and -- definition to another without commercial for -- as well so thirty year old mother of one looking good and made some big money. For some companies -- the super I would say it's the second -- that picture of the top -- up. Yes. I know part of -- -- A Dell has an amazing voice but according to Karl Lagerfeld they didn't fashion fashion designer he says she's a little wolf -- will too fat. Okay he think get me come on half a little bit of -- Have a little bit of -- he says. That he shared his opinion and all the hot topics of the day but he says he enjoys her voice that she had he has a problem with her physique she's a little too -- if she's a beautiful face and the divine voice of course. He had some issues with his hit hardest things I hope we'll ask. But let's -- while -- and -- winner gets in his -- to Justin Bieber apparently was. At LA airport a -- for a little while ago and had a run into his former. His body -- was a former Israeli soldier. Look at the yacht in the London blue long sleeved shirt he had the debt this -- so who was insanely to take trying to take pictures of -- things got very very rough out there yet you have debt this -- -- -- to the wise. Take all of them that you do not mess with the beams at -- man. Baby oh baby -- -- --

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{"id":15527646,"title":"WNN Skinny: Showing Post Super Bowl Skin","duration":"2:16","description":"Now that the Super Bowl is over, who's showing a bit more skin?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-showing-post-super-bowl-skin-15527646","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}