WNN Skinny: Super Bowl Ad Preview

David Beckham and Matthew Broderick will appear in Super Bowl ads.
3:08 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Super Bowl Ad Preview
Welcome back everybody -- you know passionate admitted -- the more have been in the news now for more than a more perfect fit for. For a while -- the divorce all the -- have -- -- her now her apparent drug problems and hospitalization but now actually say get a very unusual step he's blocking some. Journalists from his Twitter talking that money is more than nine million. Followers on Twitter but now he's decided to block -- a few folks from radar all line and Star Magazine. It could be some reason here because it was Star Magazine that broke the details of the -- the 300 million dollar -- nine weeks before the official announcement. And Star Magazine also publish those photos of him. -- -- San Diego including the picture with the Wakefield mistress -- each unit with on the sixth anniversary of his -- -- -- anymore so we've always a reason not like these folks that has. Blocked them from following him on Twitter now that actually stopped. -- -- finding out the need to find out what Nancy Nancy that a symbolic gesture of a little sensitive I asked him so he's kind of to get a small set the fight back against them when you get your Twitter Harry and -- me. I would never want equality of what he's been used letters I have no you help me with FaceBook he would that are done deals today. So we -- know that the Super Bowl is coming up this weekend and we've seen some previews of a couple of the ads but David Beckham. We can just show you over the video at a playgrounds that it what I'm going to say evidence that this is his new -- -- -- -- them they spent about three and a half million dollars anyway some drool off your papers that -- he is up. Married father of lower. What is this telling him. Your story OK so yes this -- this just a little sneak peek of the -- any way well. -- -- it anyway and hunt and we all we were talking about -- fuel yeah yeah affairs fuel -- ad and Honda released it in this is actually I thought it was hysterical. And you know there were a lot of references a lot of them. A lot of similarities to -- Steelers stay up into 22 and half minutes in its entirety but Forster and contends that force on the -- I'll promoted. Honda CRV brilliant marketing -- -- Created -- and here we are given some more free advertising this morning so -- -- always people of the commercials so beautiful thing. Come Sunday evening here also mention a few days ago that Oprah is going to be the new godmother to Beyonce Jay -- new little one -- -- Apparently that's incorrect and we all -- corrected by who else. They have all king she's -- a new TV show and she is came out and there's no way of -- went over the government I don't believe all the rumors of jail term -- -- -- -- -- -- Not forgotten OK so -- Allen Iverson the retired NBA player form -- he is being pursued by a judge now who has taken over his assets because. He didn't pay a bill that was 375000. Dollars to a jeweler. The judges had taken over the -- is now nearly 900000. After analysis getting his getting his wages garnished because it could have a judge was taken over his Wells Fargo Bank account.

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{"id":15477706,"title":"WNN Skinny: Super Bowl Ad Preview","duration":"3:08","description":"David Beckham and Matthew Broderick will appear in Super Bowl ads.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-super-bowl-ad-preview-15477706","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}