WNN Skinny: Tim Gunn's Big Secret

The fashion and lifestyle guru makes a big reveal.
2:37 | 01/26/12

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Transcript for WNN Skinny: Tim Gunn's Big Secret
OK so we -- -- anymore is seeking treatment for her. Health issues yes but long before -- I want to call her friends -- now saying that they were worried about her quite a long time ago. It's -- saying -- it was over the last year her friend's side changed she was sleeping well didn't seem to be eating looked really gaunt. And sources close to both Demi and Ashton saying that her prescription drug use as a contributing factor to end of the marriage he was sticking -- crashed and he wanted -- to take care of herself and she just couldn't so -- she started to slide before the marriage -- the break up and down with the trauma that is probably even -- little bit more perhaps he should -- get you know get claims she wouldn't do it and now -- -- and Brazil kind of showing off. We've -- Victoria secret models and -- and a photo shoot bears so you know. -- -- -- is not intentionally robbing -- yeah. Let's go to that it should not publicize -- Todd Whitman. That was up all the cheers that we keep denial that as well also Tim -- ever stylish Tim Gunn Project Runway fame also part of -- ABC show -- the revolution. And show that has not aired just given 58 year old didn't reveal something very interesting about his sex life. On the show take a listen. -- -- -- all of you and especially your doctor -- and I and I haven't had sex -- one in nine years -- I feel like less of -- person for you know -- the -- I mean I know it's largely. Or it's very personal sports a psychological for me -- -- -- a very intense relationship for a long time and my partner. Ended up saying that. Quite frankly he -- patients with my sexual. Performance. Interesting fact they're -- says I'm happy to be healthy and alive frankly even did one of those it gets better videos -- discussed. Try to commit suicide as a teenager but -- out of this relationship ended call Simpson to not be sexual now for almost. Thirty years an interesting fact they're kind of trust said recently that -- -- -- -- test. Okay the godmother and godfather for a little blue IB Beyonce Jay baby have been announced. Jay-Z has chosen his best friend Ty Ty Smith and Cassidy got mom is who would you want your -- -- so that I love -- I -- we're a. Around health and human knowledge quite if you think she's also -- is my happiness not she's my junior and yours. Child -- -- daughter as well so you're -- good -- -- -- its long term thinking well done the opposite inject one.

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{"id":15445501,"title":"WNN Skinny: Tim Gunn's Big Secret","duration":"2:37","description":"The fashion and lifestyle guru makes a big reveal.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-tim-gunns-big-secret-15445501","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}