WNN Skinny: Twins: Steven Colbert and Herman Cain

What do you get when you mix Steven Colbert and Herman Cain?
3:16 | 01/20/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Twins: Steven Colbert and Herman Cain
Us and that we have some good stuff that's right so simple had a comedian is having a rally today in South Carolina and it's called rock me like -- Herman Cain who. -- actually totally gone with it spent months. Meantime if you have. Them on the show that there is an eyewitness just want to play the song. In fact -- fact taken back to my dad itself. This is that it happened rally I'm today they -- get fans excited for -- -- candidacies of his speeches cheerleaders -- marching bands. And goksel they -- he's encouraged people to vote for came as a proxy candidate instead he says there's one candidate out there who does not -- a single negative bad coming here and I love that. McCain has. This is all -- this is all really to celebrate the non candidates in the race -- associated Auburn avenue lots of fun with his GOP political. In light up her arm around me I have -- Medicaid. That allowed Iraq -- all right here then. We don't know the Jersey Shore and still he's kind of known for her kind of outrageous yellow and orange and kidding it really think make up and all -- -- yesterday for some reason geographic she -- -- -- -- -- a picture of herself without. It got to take a look at business is Snooki all dolphins. Now as an adult I shall expect action I would think she looks better definitely a lot of -- road quarterback on Twitter saying the same thing she thanked her fans have been so amazing and you know kind of look at that the -- -- Much better than that know what she's -- -- -- mode so you know what he's younger fighting waited 98 -- of those looking good. -- to get on Twitter and tweet picture of -- makeup and the longest eyelashes and America had their lives and their annual growth is too good you were miss Garrett though -- -- -- now. You -- Election Day. OK so Eva Longoria who we are obsessed with an -- and while she wants to get rid of any memories -- her marriage to Tony Parker she had a number nine which was the number of his Jersey. Tattooed on the back of her knack guns are digital now and loved. With what's his face Eduardo cruiser edu and she calls eleven years her junior -- she's. Party tried once to get it removed but she is -- trying again she actually just visited yesterday to a clinic to try to get it removed and he accompanied her. Another lesson folks please stop getting -- your love was nothing's forever about I don't do. And can hit hit right there. The website actually Madison dot com which is whether advertisers like we sure have an affair they now answers as drivers directly -- -- most celebrities they most like to gee whiz. Solicited payment from ten till six years Sarah Palin came -- ten can -- that scene at nine Blake lively -- Cynthia Rivera. At number seven and six Scarlett Johansson -- -- they've already put it up there. Jennifer Aniston so behind yeah amen to that you could just Rihanna and number want it. Newt Gingrich just kidding Katy Perry came -- hit number -- they say that's the most chief bowl celebrity goksel every every guy. Plus who would change Taylor admits she's gonna kiss the girl when they cast them as well we all can dream now -- prices never stumbled Kim Kardashian and from two to number nine I still love you can read or another --

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{"id":15401385,"title":"WNN Skinny: Twins: Steven Colbert and Herman Cain","duration":"3:16","description":"What do you get when you mix Steven Colbert and Herman Cain?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-twins-steven-colbert-herman-cain-15401385","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}