WNN Skinny: Whitney's Funeral Plans

What plans have been made for the funeral of Whitney Houston?
3:20 | 02/17/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for WNN Skinny: Whitney's Funeral Plans
Well 'cause the good stuff. Yes of course -- be able to watch Whitney Houston's funeral. Online tomorrow at -- she's -- -- -- at new hope Baptist in New Jersey which is where she grew up singing but Bobby Brown her -- will indeed. Be at the funeral. And there was some talk. Some people were angry at him but that's just grief he will be there a close family friend says. But then he is ideally to Connecticut for an 8 -- concert with new additions -- he will be performing. I just a couple of hours later -- in Connecticut but Don there's some high profile names. Coming to the funeral Kevin Costner who was her costar. A gap and -- back in 1982 heat. Will speak according to people and then hope -- -- -- We've got to Clive Davis who was who actually discovered -- he spoke to speak as well. Stevie Wonder will -- Aretha Franklin will reportedly undergone -- -- Oprah will be there as well -- you don't think that she's going to speak but. A lot of people shown there are shown their support for the family ancient showing them -- for Whitney. An invitation only so they think -- -- family and friends there that's. That -- reflective of that also some lighter news this morning all the talk this week about Jeremy lane lives and they the NBA phenom. After what seven games these works imagine some of those games here for the New York -- well guess who he could be dating are starting today pretty shortly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ask him -- -- dashed again my Laura Blair result according to a website media take out that she's a very cool celebrity site. When -- Kim's friends told -- take out he thinks Jeremy is cute that she's actually good friends with your -- teammate Carmelo Anthony's wife. -- lot -- going to be a double date we're told Jeremy is an excellent extremely excited. Twomey leading him so J&J. So they did -- -- on whether but it could -- a nightly insanity I mean I don't card that you will he said yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On all -- -- bassist Charlie Sheen is back. We've been waiting for him to court South Bend a little a little edgy he's called in the TMC to tell them what he really thought about Ashton Kutcher who replaced him. And two and a half man. And -- take a listen to it turned to what he said. And try to pretend like the other and stop them out of annoyed doesn't -- job sounding like. You know they're not completely addressed. Because -- take a witty and Kirk premiere show what they do believe dead. You you you you -- -- a draft and. -- -- -- you really feel he said it's nothing personal I just feel bad when he saddled with such bad writing so -- took -- the show bastion and the writing Charlie back in the news another headline on three birds at once Charlie. Never mince his words and guess what there's now of -- out there that Janet Jackson could be the next judge on the X -- -- -- Anderson Cooper's show. And had to -- so you gonna be a judge and -- -- no I am not. He said wouldn't know you're currently not -- you could be -- -- -- that's what we think I should say she gave a little bit somewhere over her -- thank you could be seeing ms. Jackson don't expect from Seattle plays out ms. Jackson pianist.

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{"id":15707267,"title":"WNN Skinny: Whitney's Funeral Plans","duration":"3:20","description":"What plans have been made for the funeral of Whitney Houston?","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-skinny-whitneys-funeral-plans-15707267","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}