WNN: Starbucks Coffee and Food

Find out what food pairs best with the different Starbucks' varieties.
5:03 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for WNN: Starbucks Coffee and Food
And welcome back to world news now everyone you know we'll have a whole -- fun in the show but we like to be equally informative. You probably know you can appear. Why with food but did you know you can do the same thing with -- I certainly did not here to tell us all about it is Starbucks coffee master Peter -- BRT Peter thanks for genocide -- -- down get up early this morning OK so we're -- experiment with three arrests we have the -- which -- just an unveiled today yes party -- bloc which is the light -- In medium -- and the dark roast but I didn't know -- that there are three steps to tasty your coffee beginning with -- -- That's right and just to get a little idea of what we're doing here we're going to we have blonde witches are ours -- Lonrho Starbucks coffee which we're -- today. And it's it's our new idea of of how to approach customers customers have been saying to us that they want to height body -- -- And 40% of those that that's what's missing from Latin support -- on the customers are saying we want more -- -- so. I'm gonna have you be one of those 40% of -- so we're gonna smell it first. OK and you can might it be looking for so what you're looking -- -- -- -- other copies and apprised on the far. It is exactly is that it's not as rusty -- -- roast flavor of the roster Roma. Is really just supporting the coffee flavor. -- -- If you Smallville. The medium Rolston you'll start to got a lot of that mark -- Rama pizza if you want to go ahead and the second step of tasting copy. Is slurping actually either going to be an example of -- I get used to do this at bed and breakfast table and we would always get on -- but it's actually a coffee etiquette to -- that's right. Ford facing a copy not at the dinner table around but -- so we're gonna go ahead assortment okay. OK and on the dollar to correctly not that I -- -- counselor the second conference I'm -- us. And what is slipping do besides -- so what's -- terrible area rating site -- you want to make sure I'm of that under the noses where you get -- player. Not for your time and I want to -- -- -- -- to marry your power to make sure you get the full experience OK so we smell we slurp. And then everybody has a different geography of our palette so how does that play and -- they're going to -- to fight where you where you're reacting to that coffee with -- -- rows going to your acting has higher acidity. Lower body so we're going to be getting it more on the sides of your -- comes up where you're gonna react lesson to. Whereas with the dark roast if you want -- -- actually drink it differently. -- you'll you'll feel feel feel -- -- feud if you try to dark -- it'll be. Mark body. They're gonna feel the weight of the body -- and obviously along really get a much reaction on the side of -- times how do you drink that medium -- -- the -- differently than the -- pressed. So the -- camera sent and the and the blonde are going to be just -- kind of like straightforward coffees -- -- very well with food here Fineman far. A -- -- -- -- very well from an oh. Being this golf for example in very light very very fresh flavor profiles. The medium roast so light so what what goes -- with the -- stunning and heard the status of the hunt on the Vanilla sky and again -- -- -- Oh -- very well at the Lonrho and -- is that because they're both. Light kind of vote medium -- flavor profiles OK so the finger but when you're when you drink in the -- -- It's not coffee. Overwhelming -- -- -- its flavor so stopped -- notes. Tens of cup of roast flavor if you go all the way to the dark -- the attire and our growth knowledge sweet. Smokey. The -- Israeli now. -- what's it forward and and your player experience so you're gonna -- mega multi grain bagel with cream cheese because that's. We gonna ask if I can put some cream she -- what -- cabinet flavored cream cheese on -- -- -- -- -- French -- because -- product that's like when you're talking red line will -- big mistake. And -- Thai generals will go great with -- anything put a little -- -- to it. And then you know then you have medium roast in this -- pike place -- I guess it goes good with us because of standing left in the tank chicken sausage -- yes. Took them. Very -- I and that I know that a lot of you probably had no idea I know I certainly had no idea what is the reaction you typically get when you -- you can actually -- coffee with food. All people are surprised and and even though they are doing it every day probably guess they don't think about how they can complement each other and this is -- opportunity for us and we'll be doing this tasting and our stars generate twelve to the fourteenth. You can walk into a star and you'll see exact same set up -- various sales and they'll take you through the lot of trust me I'm Austin -- -- -- -- -- thank you so much for the lesson thank. If Peter -- the RTS Starbucks or some eye opening copy ideas you'll find. More. And me. Will go look.

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{"id":15327670,"title":"WNN: Starbucks Coffee and Food","duration":"5:03","description":"Find out what food pairs best with the different Starbucks' varieties.","url":"/WNN/video/wnn-starbucks-coffee-food-15327670","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}