'Bob and Doug, Hang in There' The Viewers React

One of my best friends' son is currently stationed in Iraq War is an extremely dangerous business. I pray for his safe return as well as all our soldiers. We sometimes forget that the people bringing us the news are also on the front lines. We pray for Bob and Doug's recovery.

-- retired185bpd

Woodruff/Vogt I don't mean to be insensitive to the fate of the ABC pair, but one can't turn to any American news source this morning without being overwhelmed by the story … Personally, I grasp for perspective when I hear about another 30 or 50 innocent Iraqis dying at the hands of yet another mindless suicide bomber--or see a poignant profile of another American soldier killed by IEDs. The damage wrought by the US invasion of Iraq is beyond astonishing and it will take decades to repair. It is inevitable that journalists covering such an explosive and uncontained military mess would be impacted by the same dangers that afflict soldiers and civilians caught daily in the line of fire.

-- shmoozini

What about the other thousands of dead and wounded As I'm watching ABC devote literally hours of press to one of their own, I'm left to ponder the fate of the thousand of wounded or dead in Iraq … Again, this not meant as directing any ill will towards the tragedy and do feel for them and their families, just not any more or less than anyone else over in Iraq.

-- Controversy666

We admire and appreciate all that the journalists and photographers endure to bring the war back home. Our son, a Marine, served our country in the initial invasion of Baghdad. His unit was joined by war correspondent, Martin Savage of CNN. We watched and listened intently to all broadcasts that came from IRAQ. Our appreciation to the war journalists and photographers is endless.

-- Tony and Brenda Campagna

Rowlett, Texas

Bob and Doug When I heard the news, I was horrified. My husband was one of the lucky ones and came home from Iraq last February. When I told him the news and where it occurred, he grew silent and solemnly said "I bet it was an IED" As a medic in the Army Reserves, he saw first hand the effects of IEDs on soldiers, civilians and locals. Our prayers are with the Woodward and Vogt families, and the ABC family. Landstuhl Medical Facility in Germany is one of the finest U.S. Military hospitals in the world. Please be assured that they are in the finest of hands.

-- Lisa in Chicago

I am so saddened as I read of this tragic accident. My prayers are with both men, their families and their colleagues at ABC, as well as with all of our soldiers. I pray for a full recovery and look forward to Bob's first night back as the co-anchor. God Bless. Praying in Kentucky

-- loyhelm1

The NBC Anchor that died embedded with our troops -- This morning when I heard the news of Bob Woodruff and Doug, I couldn't help but recall the death of the NBC journalist, David Bloom that died. Although, David's death was due to more "natural" causes, it still makes you think how all these great journalists are in terrible danger while trying to bring us the news about this ridiculous war in Iraq.

-- cheritel

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