Russians Deny Passing U.S. War Plan to Iraq

1) Regarding the "position paper" that we gave them on March 23, 2003 (subject of our letter 459 on March 23, 2003), he mentioned that the Russian FM is convinced of what was in it, and that it's time to raise the issue of the American aggression against Iraq at the Security Council. The Russian ambassador to the U.N. has therefore asked his counterparts from China, France and Germany to discuss the issues of the Iraqi position paper and prepare for a proposal to be presented to the Security Council. The Russian FM sees that the possibility of success of the proposal nonexistent because the Anglo-Saxons have the veto power. But Russia still considers Security Council discussions important to communicate the nature of the American-British action against Iraq as an aggression with unilateral use of power outside of international law, the U.N. charter and the Security Council resolutions. When the Security Council fails to adopt a resolution, the issue will be transferred to the U.N.'s General Assembly. The Russian FM proposes that Iraq coordinates with Arab countries and the nonallied movement to request a Security [Council] meeting.

2) Regarding Kofi Anan's proposals about changes to the Oil-for-Food program, the Russian FM told Russia's permanent representative at the U.N. to stop any discussions about Kofi Anan's proposals. A meeting will be held in Paris on March 27, 2003, to be attended by the presidents of the organizations at the foreign ministries of Russia, France, China and Germany to agree on proposals to be presented by these countries about the program.

3) The info that Russia obtained through its sources at the U.S. central command in Doha indicates that the Americans are convinced that occupying the Iraqi cities is impossible. They therefore changed their way [strategy] and depend on deployment along the Euphrates River from Basra in the south to al Qa'em in the north, while avoiding entering the cities. The goal is to isolate Iraq from its western borders. The Americans also plan to occupy [take control] of the oil wells in Kirkuk.

4) There is information indicating that Jordan agreed to receive the fourth U.S. mechanical unit. This unit was supposed to enter Turkey. After the Turkish parliament rejected this, it changed its destination. It is crossing the Suez Canal now and is expected to go to Aqaba.

5) The Russian ambassador mentioned recently that he had informed us two days ago about the U.S. special units [Delta and Baba] based on Russian intelligence info [the subject of our letter 446 on March 20, 2003] while he did not have orders to give us this information. Yesterday Iraqi intelligence officers called their counterparts at the Russian Embassy inquiring about this issue, mentioning that the Russian ambassador in Baghdad was the source of the info, which caused him embarrassment. He requested that we don't mention the source of info he provides us with when discussing it with other Russian parties.

[The rest of the document details a meeting of Arab countries at the United Nations.]

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The following is excerpted from a second document obtained by ABC News, with clarifications indicated in brackets:

The Presidency/The Secretary

Subject: Meeting the Russian Ambassador


We would like to inform you that the Russian ambassador met with the director general of foreign economic relations and the director general of grains and apprised us of the following:

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