Teens Tell How They Got Hooked on Smoking

Amber: It's not that easy.

Vargas: Why isn't it? Why can't you just say, "You know what, starting Monday that's it. No more cigarettes."

Amber: It's just not. You're just, you're like one more, one more, just one more.

Vargas: But was it seeing your Mom get sick from smoking that made you want to quit?

Amber: Yeah I losing my Mom over that you know just that wouldn't be good.

Vargas: Statistics show that if you guys all keep on smoking, none of you quit, three of you here will eventually die of some sort of smoking-related disorder.

Teenage Girl: I hope that's not me.

Vargas: I mean that's what, that's the statistics show. Does that scare you? [Silence] I mean there's only seven of you sitting here. Well that shut you guys up.

Samantha: There's a lot to think about.

Vargas: What would it take, what would it take to get you guys to quit right now?

Amber: Explain to me, like, how much damage it's done so far. And if I'm capable of getting cancer within ...

Alyssa: Next two months, next two years.

Vargas: So only if somebody said, "You might get sick and die from this pretty soon."

Alyssa: Yeah.

Vargas: Like next year.

Alyssa: I think that would scare me enough to make me stop.

Vargas: But nothing short of that?

Alyssa: Uh uh.

Jordan: There's a big separation between reality. Like we are all living like a slight delusion about how terrible it is for us. Because if we were really smart and seeing reality the way it really is, we should have stopped yesterday. Because it was easier to stop yesterday than it will be today.

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