You Guessed It: Person of the Week

Thank you for taking a guess at who would be named Person of the Week today on "World News." Many of you were correct: It's Paul Simon. He will be honored with the first annual Gershwin Prize for Popular Song Wednesday at the Library of Congress.

First Clue: This singer has a connection with queens.

Simon grew up in Queens, N.Y.

Second Clue: In 1980, this performer enjoyed a solo hit with a song about a time of day.

The hit: "Late in the Evening."

Third Clue: Our Person of the Week had a small part in a major 1970s motion picture.

Annie Hall

Fourth Clue: School of rock! This famed performer also spent time in law school.

Simon attended Brooklyn Law School

Fifth Clue: Extra skills -- our mystery singer is left-handed but plays guitar with the right hand.

Sixth Clue: This star has been honored twice as an inductee to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

He was named for his solo work, and as part of Simon and Garfunkel.