Attacked in Iraq: 'Am I Alive?'


The focus outside the tank was on getting Bob and Doug on a helicopter and out of the area. But in order for the MedEvac to happen, Bob and Doug had to be moved to a safer location, about 1½ kilometers -- slightly less than a mile -- from where the IED had gone off.

"I went straight down to where Bob was, crouched down next to him, and I grabbed his hand," said Malhotra. "But he said to me, 'Am I alive?' and I said, you're alive, You're going to be OK."

A Scare Back Home for Family, Friends

Back in the states, Bob's wife, Lee Woodruff, was on vacation with their children in Orlando, Fla., when she got the news.

"The phone rang and it was 7 a.m.," said Lee Woodruff. "The voice said, 'Lee, this is David Westin,' who was the president of ABC News, and my heart sort of stopped, you know. I knew this wasn't good.

"He just said, 'Bob's been hurt, and we think he's taken shrapnel to the brain.'"

After surgery at a combat support hospital in Balad, Iraq, Bob had to be airlifted to Germany.

Lee flew to Germany, with Bob's brother, Dave, to see him.

"One side of his face looked pretty good," Lee said. "But when I walked around to the other side, the left side, that's when I saw what just didn't look like Bob."

Bob and Lee Woodruff have established a fund to assist members of the military who are suffering from brain injuries. To learn more, click here: Bob Woodruff Family Fund.

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