Why So Many NBA Players Get in Trouble

"They think they can get away with it," she says. "There's nobody to stop them. It's a totally different world than what you and I experience."

Does Mom Know Best?

Retired NBA star Charles Barkley has an unusual solution. He's told the latest superstar teen basketball multimillionaire, LeBron James, to get rid of his entourage and just consult his mother when issues arise.

Edwards says that makes sense: "I think his mother is going to look past the celebrity, is going to look past the money, and is going to deal with him more as a human being — a fragile human being at this point."

The issue James will have to face is whether he can resist all the temptations that come with instant celebrity status.

Kobe Bryant, who incidentally was accompanied by a couple of friends and a bodyguard when he got into trouble in Colorado, now says he wishes he had behaved.

"I sit here in front of you guys," he told reporters in Los Angeles on July 18, "furious at myself, you know, disgusted at myself for making a mistake of adultery."

A jury eventually will decide if it was only adultery. The L.A. Lakers all-star will be formally arraigned on rape charges Aug. 6.

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