ABCNEWS' Lynn Sherr

Lynn Sherr joined 20/20 as a correspondent in May 1986.

She has covered a wide range of stories, specializing in women's issues and social changes, as well as investigative reports. During the 1999-2000 season, Sherr's contributions to 20/20 included an award-winning report on the astonishing story of a homeless girl in New York who earned a scholarship to Harvard. She also traveled to Peru for an eye-opening story about two young American women who spent time in prison there for smuggling drugs. Sherr investigated fraud in HMOs and terrorists stalking computer users in cyberspace. She profiled James Hewitt, the man who had an affair with Princess Diana and wrote about it. And she told the fascinating story of the discovery of the extraordinary, 67-million-year-old dinosaur known as Tyrannosaurus Sue, as well as the real Sue who found her.

In 2000 as well, Sherr traveled to India to report on midnight in Bombay for the ABCNEWS Millennium Special, which received numerous awards, including a George Foster Peabody Award for 1999. She later returned to India to provide a series of background reports for World News Tonight during the visit of President Clinton.

Her past reports on 20/20 include the increase in HIV among older women and a full one-hour report on Audrey Santos, a young girl in Worcester, Mass., whose life in a coma has inspired a series of unexplained religious phenomena. In an unusually personal report, Sherr interviewed baseball players Darryl Strawberry and Eric Davis about their battles with colon cancer and revealed that she too was a recent survivor of the disease.

She has also done a ground-breaking one-hour story on anorexia and a clinic in Canada that has had particular success in treating the condition.

Prior to her assignment at 20/20, Sherr was a national correspondent for ABCNEWS since 1982 and a general assignment correspondent since 1977. She has continually covered a variety of stories ranging from national politics to NASA Space Shuttle missions.

Since 1978, during the primaries and presidential election coverage, Sherr has provided the analysis of the vote, based on ABC's exit polling, for all political coverage. From 1980-1992, she was a floor correspondent at all GOP and Democratic conventions. Until 1986, she reported on all Space Shuttle flights and landings, starting with STS-1. She anchored ABCNEWS' special coverage of the Shuttle launches, landings and space walks, including the explosion of the Space Shuttle Challenger. She covered the investigation into the cause of the explosion and obtained the only interview with astronaut Sally Ride, a member of the Rogers Commission. In 1988, Sherr anchored and reported a one-hour ABCNEWS Closeup, 'Beyond the Shuttle,' examining the current status of America's space program and its ability to conduct the next generation of space missions. In May of 1986, she was chosen as one of 40 semifinalists for the Journalist in Space Project.

Before joining 20/20, Sherr covered the retrial of Claus von Bulow, the Paris Air Show and the United Nations' Women's Conference in Nairobi, Kenya, for ABCNEWS. During the 1984 presidential campaign, she covered Senator John Glenn's unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination and Geraldine Ferraro's campaign for vice president. Sherr also was a substitute anchor for ABCNEWS' Nightline, Good Morning America and World News Tonight.

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