Answers to Circuit Court Judge's Quiz

39. Who was Hector Bywater? a western naval journalist who wrote The Great Pacific War 40. Complete the line: "Is this a dagger______?" which I see before me 41. When was Liberia founded? What was the original name of its capital? 1847; Monrovia 42. Locate: Lake Baikal; the Salton Sea; the Aral Sea; the Sea of Tranquility. Siberia; California; Central Asia; the moon 43. Name a work by H. L. Mencken. e.g., A Book of Burlesques; Damn: A Book of Calumny; Happy Days 44. Who wrote: "Sunset and evening star and one clear call for me?" Tennyson 45. Who is Eudora Welty? American short story writer and novelist; won Pulitzer Prize for The Optimist's Daughter 46. What is the capital of Chile? Santiago 47. What was the last city in Spain relinquished by the Moors? Granada 48. In what work do Caliban and Prospero appear? The Tempest 49. Who were the Burghers of Calais? Who sculpted them? six figures representing the city fathers of Calais, who offered themselves as hostages to end Edward III's siege of the city; Rodin 50. Who was the "Galloping Ghost?" Harold "Red" Grange, a football player 51. How long does it take for light from the surface of the sun to reach the earth? about 8 minutes 52. Who pardoned Debs? Nixon? Mandela? President Harding; President Ford; F. W. de Klerk released Mandela 53. Who was Atahualpa? Inca Emperor of Peru 54. How did Samson die? He pulled down the two supporting pillars of the temple and killed himself. 55. When was King Phillip's War? 1675-1676 56. Who is your favorite author? What is your favorite work by that author?

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