Answers to Circuit Court Judge's Quiz

57. Who said "The problem of the 20th century is the problem of the color line?" W. E. B. DuBois 58. Name three famous Leopolds. e.g., Aldo Leopold, King Leopold, Leopold Bloom, Nathan Leopold 59. Distinguish chukkers from Chequers from Checkers. Chukkers are periods of play in polo; Chequers is the British Prime Minister's official country residence; Checkers was Nixon's dog 60. Who dragged Hector around the Walls of Troy? Achilles 61. Who wrote "We are the hollow men. . ."? T. S. Eliot 62. Who, what, or where is Vaduz? the capital of Liechtenstein 63. What is the sum of the interior angles of a pentagon? 540 degrees 64. Who had a famous "Last Theorem?" "Last Tape?" "Last Stand?" Fermat; Krapp; Custer 65. Identify Rigoberta MenchĂș. Guatemalan Indian-rights activist awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1992; wrote I, Rigoberta MenchĂș, the accuracy of which was later disputed 66. Whose name is the first line of the following complete poem: "______/slept under the dresser./When that began to pall,/he slept in the hall?" Edward the Confessor 67. What does the Constitution say about the number of members of the Supreme Court? Article III, Section One states that there will be one Supreme Court but does not specify the number of members. The Judiciary Act of 1789 set the number at six. 68. What state currently has the third most members of Congress? Texas 69. Who wrote "The Ballad of the White Horse?" G. K. Chesterton 70. If the moon were made of green cheese, and if green cheese floats in water, what is the most that the moon could weigh (within a factor of 10)? 10 (to the 21st) pounds 71. Edit: Sam Stevens, et. ux, brought suit against their clother for selling defective suits. The suit was resolved by Stevens v. Jones, 71 F. 3d. 362. The district court had granted summery judgement against the Stevens', but on appeal, the Court decided that the plaintiff's claims deserved a trial. Sam Stevens, et ux., brought suit against their clothier for selling defective suits. The suit was resolved by Stevens v. Jones, 71 F.3d 362. The district court had granted summary judgment against the Stevenses, but on appeal, the court decided that the plaintiffs' claims deserved a trial.

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