Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

SCHWARZENEGGER: It doesn't work here. You see, this doesn't work with me because this is what Davis has been trying to tell the people, that we are on a down road now and then we will be coming back together with the rest of the country. But remember one thing: California was always ahead of the rest of the country, was always ahead and then all of a sudden during the Davis administration they fell below the line. And this is what I want to do is bring it back again, lift it up and let California be proud again, and say 'yes, we are again the number one exporter.' I mean, look at what is going on here, Texas, which is a great state, but they have beaten us now in being the number one exporter. California was the number one exporter. Because there is no leadership there of what are we going to do with the infrastructure alone. We are spending one percent in infrastructure in this state, and in Texas they have committed just now to a hundred and forty billion dollars of infrastructure, building 4,000 miles of highways and freeways and railroads. That's what you need to make the economy boom because it's all the power of moving people and goods around, is where the power is. This is how you become a big exporter and the big economic force again. That's what we need.

JENNINGS: One term? (pause) One term?

SCHWARZENEGGER: No, I'm not looking at anything. I'm just looking at getting in now and fixing the problems. I'm not looking at the political future or anything like this. There's nothing else. This is a dead end for me; it's trying to fix California. I, this gives me great pleasure, may I remind you, because like I said earlier, that everything that I have is because of California. Everything. I could have gone to 190 different countries in the world. I would have not even gotten 10% of success of what I've gotten here in California, in America.

JENNINGS: We're going to watch you very carefully.


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