Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

JENNINGS: Let's talk about some issues. You're pro-abortion?


JENNINGS: You're pro gun control?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I believe in the Second Amendment — the right to bear arms — but at the same time I believe in the Brady Bill — to have background checks and all that and to have control. The key thing is that we enforce the laws, not create new laws.

JENNINGS: And you're pro gay rights?


JENNINGS: You don't talk about that very much on this campaign.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Well, I don't think this is something that people want to change. People have those rights here and this is not something that needs to change, or it's not on my agenda to change because it's already there. What needs to change is the economy. You know the people are really suffering. They are losing jobs here in this state. And jobs and businesses are moving outside the state. And what I want to do is bring the jobs and the businesses back here, creating a positive business environment so that people want to do business here, and then also to really stimulate the businesses and encourage people with incentives, with tax incentives, to start small businesses again.

JENNINGS: In essence your campaigning as a fiscal conservative and not talking about those, what would be described as more liberal issues. Any particular reason for that?

SCHWARZENEGGER: My campaign is about this is the changes that I want to bring about in California. And the people are concerned today about the economy, about jobs and the pocket book. You know it's the old thing that Ronald Reagan used to say, "Are you better off now than four years ago?" And this is exactly the question that the people ask themselves here in California. Are we better off than we were four years ago, before Davis, five years ago before Davis? And they say no. Everything has gone down. And so this is why they are upset. And this is whey they want to recall Gray Davis. So that's what you have to campaign on. People are also very upset about education.

JENNINGS: Can we talk about money before we talk about education. Do you mind? You brought up taxes.


JENNINGS: You want to repeal the car tax?


JENNINGS: You want to give more money to education?

SCHWARZENEGGER: No. I did not say that. What I want to do, what we want to do is really make education a priority. Which means we make sure that Sacramento stays out of the business of running the schools. Because there is no such thing as a mold for every school in California. There are so many thousands of schools that we have here. Every area, every community, in Modesto here, is a different challenge educationally than we have in south central Los Angeles. We have different challenges here than in East L.A. I provide after school programs. I am in the schools. I'm in the trenches. Those politicians out there, how many times do they go into schools? They go into schools for photo ops. I'm there and I'm working there? (OVERLAP)

JENNINGS: Can you improve education without putting more money in the system?

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