Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

SCHWARZENEGGER: Yes. As a matter of fact, when I got into the campaign, I had long discussions with Maria about all this. And we talked about it. When the campaign gets dirty, that what would that mean. When the kids come home and maybe hear those things. When they see it in the paper. When they see it on television. And we went back and forth. And, that's one of the reasons we were going back and forth with the decision. But in the end, I said to myself, that I think I can bring hope to California, I can change California around and make it stop from this spiraling downward trend and for the hurting economic, and people are hurting, that I can bring leadership to Sacramento. That's in the end is going to be more important. My wife said, Maria said to me 'whatever is in your heart. I know you want to good things for people. I will be behind you. I will be with you all the way and I will be your partner.' That's the bottom line. Maria has been the greatest partner and has been the greatest wife. She's been absolutely incredible.

JENNINGS: Does it make any difference to you at this point what people say about you?

SCHWARZENEGGER: At this point what is important to me is that I move on with the campaign, and that I reach out to the people, and that I talk directly to the people. Because remember that the most important thing is always to deal with the people. That it's between me and the people. It's the same thing with Gray Davis. You know when he talks about debating and all this. You have to debate the people. Gray, I said, you have disappointed the people. You have to go and explain it, and the first category of the ballot is do you want him recalled or not - there's no candidate there. Talk to the people. Explain to them why you have destroyed the economy of California. Why are the businesses leaving? Why do you have this high interest rate?

JENNINGS: But if you are elected on Tuesday you have to deal with the legislature. (OVERLAP)

SCHWARZENEGGER: Why do we have here the worst budget deficit in the history? Why do we have the highest energy costs? Not because we have an energy problem. We have a leadership problem. That's what this is all about. The people are upset and now on October 7th the people are going to say 'hasta la vista Davis.'

JENNINGS: But, if you are elected on Tuesday, you have to deal with the legislature of California. It is Democratically control.

SCHWARZENEGGER: I have no problem with that.

JENNINGS: What makes you think you can have your way with them?

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