Transcript: Arnold Schwarzenegger Interview

SCHWARZENEGGER: No, absolutely not. Mine is a deal with Net-Jet. So I didn't go out and buy any plane. Net-Jet buys the planes and we buy a quarter share of the planes. That's the way it works. So this is a game. Look what she's concerned with, about where Net-Jet, Warren Buffet's company, where they have bought the plane. Is that what has destroyed California? Is that what made the economy come down for the last 5 years? And that a million people are now waiting for jobs. Was it that, or was it the lack of leadership up there in Sacramento and the lack of leadership on Gray Davis' part? You see, they're missing, everyone is trying to talk and trying to put the spotlight away from the real problem, and put it on those kind of little nitty-gritty stuff. And you know something? (OVERLAP)

JENNINGS: But life is nitty-gritty.


JENNINGS: Government is nitty-gritty.

SCHWARZENEGGER: Remember, one of the most important thing is having vision.


SCHWARZENEGGER: Peter, vision is the most important thing. I saw myself as a champion when I was 15 years old. I didn't know how to get there yet a 100%, but I knew it, and I got there. And I knew when I was a kid that one day I am going to be like a John Wayne-type of character, an action character out there in the movies and all this stuff, and I became the highest entertainer, the highest paid entertainer in the world. Highest paid actor. You have to have vision, you have to have a goal to go for, and then you struggle, then you work hard, and then this campaign is the same thing. I have a very clear vision of a better California, of a California the way it used to be, when people came here and enjoyed working hard, and making a living and this was like the land of opportunity in California and go and say, I want that to come back like that. That's my vision, and I will get here because I see it very clearly.

JENNINGS: You're an incredibly smart guy and you know the sound of poetry when you hear it, so do I as a journalist, but if you're not prepared to be specific now about the financial dilemma of California, won't you risk being held to a higher standard if you don't succeed?

SCHWARZENEGGER: I will achieve my goals. Peter, we will turn California around, the economy will come back, jobs will come back, education will be better, trust me.

JENNINGS: And can California do it in isolation or does it depend on the country coming around, as California suffered along with the rest of the country?

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