Posner: Oswald Acted Alone

Jack Ruby Wasn’t Sent to Silence Oswald

ABCNEWS: So many Americans believe that Jack Ruby was ordered to silence Oswald. Why don't you?

Posner: If Jack Ruby were sent to silence Oswald, he would have done it at his first possible opportunity. That was Friday night, when he was at the jail, and Oswald was taken out for a midnight press conference. Jack makes no attempt, even though Oswald walked feet away from him. Jack, given the biggest assignment of his life decides, "I'm not in the mood. You know what? I could shoot Oswald tonight. I'll wait a day or so."

Saturday comes, he's back down at police headquarters. Oswald comes out, Jack's still not in the mood, obviously. Saturday, he would have made the effort to silence Oswald. Again, Jack is there. Oswald's there. No attempt made.

On Sunday, he's not there waiting for Oswald. He's not stalking the prison waiting for Oswald to be moved. He's going downtown, in Dallas, to send a money gram to a stripper that's woken him up a couple of hours before. He's in no rush, gets there with only a minute to spare. He makes it down to the bottom of the case, where Oswald leaves, just in time to be able to pull his gun out. A planned assassination and silencing? Far from it. Jack Ruby is killing Oswald for his own demented purposes, but not because he's part of a plot.

President’s Autopsy

ABCNEWS: How would you describe the president's autopsy, and could there have been, as so many people allege, an orchestrated attempt to disguise or alter the president's wounds?

Posner: The autopsy of Jack Kennedy was terrible. Considering that this was the autopsy of the president of the United States, you would have thought that the best medical examiners, and forensics doctors in the country were going to be at that table, doing the autopsy. Instead, they were doctors not versed in bullet wounds, with Robert Kennedy just upstairs in the very hospital, calling downstairs and saying "when are you finishing?" Pushing them along a little too quickly.

There were mistakes made in the location of the wounds, in the way that notes were recorded, in the quality of the pictures taken, and the poor quality of the autopsy of President Kennedy has set the ground work for much conspiracy speculation over the years.

However, there is no evidence from that autopsy, in terms of the X-rays and the photographs that were taken, that contradicts the bullet wounds that came from the rear, from a shooter firing, from behind the president that day in Dealey Plaza — the very bullet wounds that we see inflicted on the president in the [Abraham] Zapruder film, that then are confirmed in the autopsy photographs and X-rays. While the autopsy itself is of poor quality, its fundamental evidence confirms the shooting from behind.

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