Lawyers Invade Florida as Election Looms

Lawyer David Boies argued on Gore's behalf after the 2000 election. Like Jan Baran, he worries about the effect of so many lawyers scrutinizing every twist and turn: "It's like an army," says Boies, "if you've got one you tend to use it. If you've got a lot of lawyers standing by, you tend to find a use for them and you could end up with a lot of unnecessary litigation."

Election law expert Richard Hasen, a professor at Loyola Law School in California, says lawyers are the new political reality. "I think election law has become more of a political strategy," he says. "When you plan your campaign -- at least on a national level -- you've got to take into account the possibility of some kind of litigation. If only defensively because the other side might try and do it."

Boies warns a close election could leave voters waiting days or weeks before a winner is declared.

Could it be Election 2000 all over again?

The only thing that will save the voters from the lawyers is a clear victory for one side or the other.

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